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[new 6/17] Wired Networking: A Turning Point in 2011?: The industry continues to invent media that do best over wires--multiple streams of 3D video are a good example. The multiplicity of “standards” for networking over existing wiring has prevented a phenomenal success like Wi-Fi, where one standard was widely embraced before most customers knew they needed it. The good news is that we’re down to three competitors, with most of the global industry aligned with either ITU-T G.Hn or IEEE P1901 -- although MoCA is strong in the US. The key turning point could come in 2011, if consumer electronics companies decide which standard(s) to adopt for Internet-connected TVs and video media adapters. Learn more in 2011: A Critical Year for Wired Networking?. If you're not receiving our newsletters, sign up now for our free report.

Broadband Home Central

The Broadband Home Central website is produced by Sandy Teger and Dave Waks and is provided as a resource for the Broadband Home community.

Our focus is residential broadband in all its ramifications. Rapid and competitive deployment of broadband to and within the home is enabling the creation of new products, services, content and applications. "Fat pipes," content, and the home infrastructure must all work together seamlessly to create compelling value for consumers.

Videos and Blogs

We both now have blogs, and have started taping video interviews when we attend industry events. Visit the Videos and Blogs page to subscribe to our blogs and view our videos.

We posted fifteen video demonstrations to accompany our articles on Cable Show 2009.

Industry Events

There are many interesting conferences and events related to various aspects of the broadband home.

newThe stories in our June issue are based on interviews at the Consumer Electronics Show (held in Las Vegas) with some updates from the Cable Show in Los Angeles in May.

See more about these shows we have singled out to attend, either as speakers or just to keep up to date on what's new and important.

Broadband Home Labs

We use our home and our vacation condos as testbeds for current and emerging technologies for home networking, multimedia and communications. In this section of our website, we describe qualitatively what it’s like to use these technologies at home. We also share the quantitative results of our tests.

The section About Our Broadband Condo describes how we are preparing our Florida vacation condos for the digital future.

The Wi-Fi Evaluation section includes our evaluation of many flavors of Wi-Fi, including the beginnings of the new generation of Wi-Fi based on MIMO—another leap forward in both throughput and range. The HomePlug Evaluation section has the results of our in-home tests of the first-generation HomePlug adapters.

The Broadband Home

Broadband homes have both broadband Internet access to the home and a broadband distribution network in the home. These broadband homes hold the key to future Internet applications.

Many homes with broadband modems are installing home networks and home gateways to share broadband with multiple PCs.

It's more than PCs and Web browsing. New technologies allow broadband to carry telephone, video and audio services, and distribute them around the home.

Click here to learn more about the emerging Broadband Home.


Our newsletter subscribers and website visitors represent a cross-section of the global broadband home community. Click here to view current demographics of our subscribers and visitors.

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We encourage companies and organizations mentioned in our newsletter and on our website to provide reciprocal links to our site. Click here to view graphics and URLS for these links.

RSS Feeds

Visit the RSS Feeds page to subscribe to feeds for our monthly report and for changes to our website.

Broadband Home Report

Each issue of Sandy and Dave's Report on The Broadband Home looks at key broadband applications and technologies.

newThe June 17, 2010 issue is now available. We report on recent developments in home networking over existing wiring based on, HomePlug and MoCA; the integration of personal technologies into Ford cars; the drumbeat around 3D TV; and the US National Broadband Plan.

If you'd like to subscribe to our free monthly report, click here to receive the current issue immediately and future issues as they are published.

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Broadband Library

newWe write a regular feature "Two Sides to Every Story" for Broadband Library, a quarterly publication that goes to all members of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE). Our columns appear on facing pages to present contrasting viewpoints on a cable/telecom industry topic.

Our Broadband Library page includes a link to the current issue of Broadband Library and the full content of our columns from past issues.

Broadband Gurus

If you need assistance in planning broadband products, services or infrastructure, we can help. We bring years of practical, real-world experience in creating technology and market solutions for large and small companies.

For the past fifteen years, we have focused our consulting services almost exclusively on the Broadband Home community.

Please visit for more information on our consulting services.

Presentations and Publications

We write articles for several print publications, and have given many presentations at conferences. Click here to view our recent presentations and publications,and here to view our quarterly column Two Sides to Every Story in Broadband Library..

What's New

We're always updating this website to make it even more useful as a tool for the Broadband Home community. The What's New page provides an ongoing reference to the changes we've made.

Links and Resources

Click here to visit our index of links to web sites which contain useful information about applications, content and products for the Broadband Home.

Press Room

We're gratified by the press coverage of our website and from our participation in recent projects. Here are pointers to the coverage, and to press releases related to the projects.

Sponsorship and Advertising

Promote your products and services to the global residential broadband industry. Advertise on the Broadband Home Central web site and in Sandy and Dave's Report on the Broadband Home, our monthly newsletter. Click here for more information.

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