April 4, 2002
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Broadband Report Readership Tops 100 Countries

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MORRIS PLAINS, N.J. -- For those who think broadband success is only about fast connections on cable or DSL, veteran industry experts Sandy Teger and Dave Waks provide an eye-opening view. Each month this Morris Plains, NJ team helps industry insiders by sifting through the barrage of information and highlighting key trends and players. Readership now spans over 100 countries, from Algeria to Vietnam.

Sandy and Dave’s Report on the Broadband Home is written for members of the broadband industry ecosystem. Waks explains “The ecosystem is a complex mesh of organizations that all play a role in getting broadband content, products and services to consumers.” As a founding member of the Prodigy team in 1984, he learned first-hand that success in this industry takes more than technology—it involves compelling content, retail distribution, communications services and affordable consumer products.

Waks adds: “Our readers span the globe - nearly half are from outside the United States. Their companies cover the entire ecosystem, providing all kinds of broadband access, home networking, new home devices like residential gateways and media servers, and content for the PC and home audio/video systems. We also have semiconductor firms, land developers, home builders and investors.”

“People in the US tend to have a pretty self-centered view of technology leadership” says Teger. “Early on in writing our report, readers outside the US kept pointing out broadband advances in their countries and keeping us honest. We learned first-hand from subscribers in Sweden and Korea how their broadband services were surpassing those in the US.”

A long-time AT&T strategist, Teger noted "My AT&T experience taught me to pay attention to global developments, not just those in our own backyard. Although there is rightful concern about the US falling behind in broadband, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that the number of US broadband households nearly doubled last year. That hardly seems like failure to me.”

Over the last two years, Teger and Waks have highlighted such trends as the rapid growth of home networking as people sought to share access to their new broadband connections. This electronic “plumbing” is becoming an important part of new homes and is being added to existing homes.

The couple is able to publish their report free of charge to members of the broadband industry because of their long-time broadband consulting practice, which they have dubbed

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