July 11, 2002
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Technologies Promise Bandwidth Boost

Analysts Explore Cable Choices for Bandwidth Multiplication

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J. -- As people's thirst for faster communications and compelling entertainment continues to grow, where will service providers find the bandwidth to carry this digital deluge? Will telephone companies and cable operators have to make huge new investments in fiber while capital markets remain leary of telecommunications?

In this month's issue of their "Report on the Broadband Home", veteran industry experts Sandy Teger and Dave Waks provide an inside view of the emerging arsenal of technologies that promise to help cable operators stay ahead of the curve without massive new investments. Their article analyzes how six companies are accomplishing this feat.

Teger explains "Bandwidth is like real estate. These technology solutions promise the cable operator 'We can double or even quadruple the land you have to build houses on.' That's a pretty compelling proposition, if the price is right."

"These companies go at their magic in three basic ways," explains Waks. "They get more usable channels into existing video multiplexes, put more usable bits in a set amount of bandwidth, and expand the available bandwidth of the cable infrastructure." The companies include BigBand Networks, Narad Networks, Pulse~LINK, Rainmaker Technologies, Terayon, and Xtend Networks. Their technologies range from products already in use to those just emerging from the labs.

"We see a logical progression by which cable operators will decide which technologies to use first" says Waks. "Given the strong focus on today's bottom line, operators will start with those technologies giving the biggest near-term payoff from the smallest overall expense. Technologies which involve massive changes in the plant and/or at the end points are not likely to happen in the near term." "You can never be too rich or too thin or have too much bandwidth" says Teger, "and at least now there are ways to help with the bandwidth!"

Sandy and Dave’s Report on the Broadband Home is written for members of the broadband industry ecosystem. Each month this Morris Plains, NJ team helps industry insiders by sifting through the barrage of broadband-related information and highlights key trends and players. Readership now spans over 100 countries, from Algeria to Vietnam.

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