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newUpdated 2/8/2004

About / Contact Us

Sandy Teger and Dave Waks are broadband architects and the co-founders of Broadband Home Central.

After successful careers at AT&T and Prodigy, Teger and Waks have dedicated their efforts to applying leading-edge communications and computing technologies to emerging customer needs and to fulfilling the promise of residential broadband for the masses. They write a monthly newsletter for members of the residential broadband industry read by management of key industry companies, with subscribers in more than 100 countries. As System Dynamics Inc. they have consulted for cable and telephone companies, consumer services companies, home networking and product companies, investors and industry organizations. Read More about Sandy Teger and Dave Waks.

Contact Us

Send email to us individually:

or to both of us together:

Consulting Services

If you need assistance in planning broadband products, services or infrastructure, we can help. We bring years of practical, real-world experience in creating technology and market solutions for large and small companies.

For the past six years, we have focused our consulting services almost exclusively on the Broadband Home community.

Please visit for more information on our consulting services.