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Updated 9/10/2005


SIP Telephony

SIP is an emerging VoIP technology which we believe will dominate digital telephony in many markets.

We have evaluated several approaches to SIP telephony:

  • Analog phone based: We tested Vonage DigitalVoice—a low-cost phone service based on analog-to-SIP technology—for more than a year, and reported on it in Vonage DigitalVoice Broadband VoIP Service (BBHR 2/23/2003);
  • Digital phone based: We used a pair of snom 100 Ethernet-based VoIP phones from snom technology AG, based in Berlin -- one at our house and the other at our daughter's house in California; and
  • PC based: We used Windows Messenger, which provides SIP telephony for Windows XP, with a Eutectics IPP 200 USB handset and the Free World Dialup service from

To connect between our in-home network and our cable modem, we used a "SIP-aware" Intertex IX66 Internet Gate firewall, made in Sweden. The snom phone at our daughter's house was connected to her DSL modem through a pair of Phonex Neverwire 14 HomePlug powerline Ethernet bridges and a cable/DSL router.

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Thanks to

  • Robert Messer of ABP International for providing the snom 100 phones and Intertex IX66 Internet Gate firewall
  • Vonage for providing their digitalVoice service and Cisco AT-186 analog telephone adapter
  • Eutectics for providing the IPP 200 USB handset
  • Phonex for the pair of NeverWire 14 powerline Ethernet bridges

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