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Revised 6/14/03

HomePlug Test Results

We tested two-node networks with HomePlug Ethernet bridge and USB adapters at all fourteen outlets. The following table shows the equipment used for each test:

TestMaster AdapterRemote Adapter
1Asoka EthernetAsoka Ethernet
2Phonex EthernetPhonex Ethernet
3Asoka EthernetST&T Ethernet M51
4Asoka EthernetAsoka USB
5ST&T Ethernet M51ST&T USB U21
6ST&T Ethernet M51ST&T USB U22
7ST&T Ethernet M51ST&T Ethernet M53
8ST&T Ethernet M51ST&T USB U23

We used HONEST to measure the file transfer speed; we took multiple samples (at least two) at each outlet and averaged them. The "master" adapter was plugged into outlet 1, which we found to be a "good" adapter. See our description of finding a "good" outlet in the Homeplug Test Procedure section, and see the test locations page for the location of each tested outlet.

The following table shows the result of each test, expressed in Mbps, with averages for each outlet and each set of equipment we tested:

OutletTest 1Test 2Test 3Test 4Test 5Test 6Test 7Test 8Average

Outlet 3 was the one we originally chose for the "master" adapter - it was the third most impaired outlet we tested. Outlet 2 was nearby in the same room, but on a different circuit.

Here's our summary of these test results:

  • With the master adapter plugged into a "good" outlet (outlet 1), the remote adapter worked in all fourteen outlets we tested, many of them quite far from the main electrical panel.
  • The measured network speed averaged 3.76 Mbps across all fourteen outlets we tested. It varied from about 5 Mbps (with the remote adapter plugged into outlet 1 with the master) down to about 1.6 Mbps at the most "impaired" outlet we tested (outlet 9); the next worst (outlet 14) was about 2.8 Mbps.
  • We obtained very similar performance measurements at each outlet from the tests with Asoka and Phonex adapters. The average of these units across all fourteen outlets was 3.41 Mbps.
  • We obtained significantly better results with the four tests (tests 5 through 8) using ST&T Ethernet and USB adapters. The average of these units across all fourteen outlets was 4.11 Mbps, an improvement of 21%.
  • A pair of ST&T Ethernet adapters produced the best test results - the average was 4.33 Mbps.

Since we conducted these tests in only one home, our results should be viewed as indicative but not definitive; we wouldn't be surprised if tests in another home were different.

The HomePlug organization has conducted extensive home testing, and we understand that it will publish the results of its tests. We're looking forward to comparing their results with ours.

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