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Revised 5/13/2006

Broadband Home Labs

We use our home and condo as testbeds for current and emerging technologies for home networking, media and communications. We use these technologies in our home every day, and test new technologies as they come on the market.

In this section, we describe qualitatively what itís like to use these technologies at home, and provide the quantitative results of our tests.

  • About Our Home describes our house, its structured wiring and network equipment, and our PCs and other networked devices.
  • Our Broadband Condo describes our effort to make our Florida vacation condo "broadband friendly" for us and our guests. We're also using it as a testbed for high-definition video. We describe the user needs, the key technologies we've chosen, and our progress on the project.
  • Home Networking gives the results of our tests of emerging home networking technologies, comparing them to structured wiring and each other. It includes the results of our extensive evaluations of Wi-Fi wireless networking--including the recent MIMO-based devices. It also covers our in-home testing of HomePlug powerline networking.
  • Multimedia describes our use of emerging technologies for networked digital audio and video. It currently includes our evaluations of the Turtle Beach AudioTron networked digital audio player; and ReplayTV and TiVo networked personal video recorders.
  • Communications gives the results of our tests of emerging technologies for networked digital communications, both voice and video.