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Updated 5/13/2006


We use our broadband connection and home networking infrastructure to support many forms of digital audio and video.

Our "home movie" includes examples of how we use all of this in our home.

Networked Digital Audio and Video

Digital Audio

CDs processed by Get DigitalWe have ripped all of our CDs to the hard drives of our PCs. We play these on our PCs, on our home audio system through the Turtle Beach AudioTron digital networked audio player in our dining room, and on the road with a Rio Karma digital audio player.

Getting Digital Music Fast: Get Digital (BBHR 2/17/2004) and Get Digital Part 2: It's The Metadata, Stupid! (BBHR 3/25/2004) describe how GetDigital converted our CD collection to digital format and provided a notebook with color pages cataloging our entire collection.

Broadband Home Labs -- Audiotron and AudioStation (BBHR 4/22/2002) describes the AudioTron digital networked audio player and AudioStation, the PC application we use to rip new CDs and play MP3 and WMA files on our PCs.

HomePlug - Problem Solving and More Test Results (BBHR 1/21/2003) describes how we use our HomePlug powerline networking system to connect the AudioTron to our Ethernet switch.


On our PCs, we use's Rhapsody service. It lets us access a wide variety of music and play it over our broadband connection.

Compelling Broadband Applications --'s Rhapsody service (BBHR 7/31/2002) describes the Rhapsody service, and Applications: Downloading Music and Burning CDs - Legally (BBHR 2/23/2003) describes how we use it to download and burn CDs legally.

Personal Video Recorders

We have two PVRs: a ReplayTV 4000 and a TiVo Series 2. The ReplayTV is in our home entertainment center, and the TiVo is in our bedroom.

Broadband Home Labs -- ReplayTV 4000 (BBHR 1/2/2002) describes our use of the ReplayTV.

We will write about the TiVo in future issues.

Digital Consumer Electronics

We used our digital camera and digital camcorder to create our "home movie".