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Updated 4/16/2006

Broadband Home Central: Positioning and Demographics

Broadband Home Central reaches the global leaders in residential broadband in two ways:

  • through its Web site
  • by monthly emails to subscribers of "Sandy and Dave's Report on the Broadband Home", our free newsletter


Our audience is professionals in residential broadband, working in many different segments of this industry. This unique group is at the forefront in:

  • various forms of broadband access to the home;
  • various forms of broadband networking in the home - not only for data but also supporting voice, video and audio;
  • various kinds of client devices to handle data, audio, video and voice;
  • applications both in the home and on the Net; and
  • the enabling hardware and software technologies to glue it together.

Our editorial voice expresses our independent viewpoint, based on an unbiased examination of the facts and our long experience in the industry.

Interested in reaching this audience? Please see our Sponsonship and Advertising Opportunities page.

Website Access Statistics

Summary period: last 30 months
Last updated: 4/16/2006

MonthVisitorsUnique UsersPageViewsCountriesNotes
Mar 2006643002061081033109
Feb 2006437131832562374107
Jan 200646538194797098399No Report
Dec 200637833162676035398
Nov 2005444591946459021107
Oct 2005405791716255674107
Sep 2005361641579651327106
Aug 2005333541483743969110No Report
Jul 2005328791448047620102
Jun 2005287571380439620108No Report
May 2005338021571541921109
Apr 2005311231628246068107
Mar 2005302311715545508107
Feb 2005254421544538192109No Report
Jan 2005286691727343563117
Dec 2004229971334135169101
Nov 200422132131903483697No Report
Oct 2004208291258834982105
Sep 2004218671328031608103
Aug 2004226441316437892107
Jul 2004210451281532500107No Report
Jun 200423324134933613597
May 2004206321363228859106
Apr 2004312411996846021108PC Mag. "Top 100"
Mar 2004238061474132652107
Feb 2004198071227428112101
Jan 200421310134513138698
Dec 200318682112892696195
Nov 2003198831140229572104
Oct 2003222291221431554109 

     (these statistics exclude most search robots but include RSS feeds)

Newsletter Subscribers

Total active subscribers: 5353 (current circulation as of 2/17/2004)

Our subscribers include thought leaders and top management of key industry organizations and companies.

Breakdown by Job Function:

Job Function% active subscribers
Corporate and Operations Management28%
Marketing, Sales and Product Management20%
Top Management (CEO, President, CTO, ...)15%
Technical Staff14%
Business Development and Strategy7%
Technical Management7%
All other8%

     (analysis of active subscribers as of June 2002)

Breakdown by Company Type:

Company Type% active subscribers
Infrastructure equipment manufacturers33%
Service Providers, Carriers & Access Providers21%
Professional services8%
Consumer electronics, PC & home eqpt manufacturers6%
Semiconductor & Components6%
Software, content & applications6%
Investors, venture capitalists, financial analysts2%
Back office (billing, OSS, BSS)2%
Other (trade assoc., government, distribution, other)16%

     (analysis of active subscribers as of June 2002)

Breakdown by Country:

Country% active subscribers
United States54%
United Kingdom6%
China (incl. Hong Kong)2%
New Zealand1%
Other countries9%

     (analysis of active subscribers as of September 2003)

All of the above are expressed as percentages of active subscribers as of the time of analysis; due to rounding errors, columns may not add up to 100%. These are approximate, since they change over time and some people and companies have multiple functions.

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