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Updated 12/1/2006

Site Index By Topic: Overview

This index provides a reference to the topics we've covered on our website, in our reports and in conference presentations. It is organized into sections, with a page for each topic. Articles on each page are listed in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

General Articles on "The Broadband Home"

  • Our vision for what "The Broadband Home" is and can be
  • The status of residential broadband deployment in North America and the world
  • Other topics not covered elsewhere in this index

Broadband Access to the Home

  • What's happening with the various types of broadband access: cable, DSL, wireless, fiber, powerline, etc.
  • New technologies affecting access providers
  • Related business issues and strategies

The topics are organized--primarily by access technology--as follows:

Home Networking

  • The various means for sharing broadband access and for moving voice, data, image and video files around the home: wireless, powerline, structured wiring and more.

The topics are organized--primarily by networking technology--as follows:

Broadband Applications and Appliances

  • The many ways--including music/audio, video and multimedia--in which consumers are using broadband at home
  • The evolution of the PC beyond "traditional" Internet services
  • The development of new devices which benefit from broadband connectivity
  • The human interactions with those device and applications.

The topics are organized as follows:

Portable Broadband

  • What happens when a broadband home user leaves the nest
  • Development in emerging broadband services for use outside the home, including "Metro Wi-Fi" and WiMAX
  • "Nomadic broadband" refers to broadband services that can be used in many different places, but typically cannot be used while in motion, such as Wi-Fi hot spots
  • "Mobile broadband" refers to services that can be used while in motion
  • "Portable broadband" covers both

Home Gateways and Servers

  • Developments in centralized devices that provide an interface between the broadband access network and the in-home network, and control media, aggregate storage and applications within the home.

Broadband Home Labs

  • How we use our own home as a living lab and tests/evalutions of some of the broadband technologies we use


  • Companies and organizations we have visited or interviewed and their role in residential broadband

Guest Articles

  • Articles in our newsletter by invited guest authors

Around the World

  • Broadband developments outside the United States

Shows and Events

  • Conferences, trade shows and seminars we've attended, spoken at, and/or organized
  • Other events that showcase developments affecting the broadband ecosystem

Building Broadband Homes

  • Developments in the home building industry that affect whether and to what extent new homes are "broadband ready"

Integrators/"Broadband Plumbers"

  • The development of a new industry focused on installing and maintaining broadband infrastructure, devices and applications for builders and end users

Public Policy

  • Government initiatives affecting the deployment of broadband, including encouraging broadband deployment in unserved, underserved, and rural areas
  • Municipalities investing in broadband services
  • National and local regulation