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Updated 11/25/2009

Topical Index: Shows and Events

This page provides a topical index to material on this website covering

  • conferences, trade shows, seminars and other events we've attended, spoken at, and/or organized
  • other events that showcase developments affecting the broadband ecosystem

Articles are listed below ordered by date of the newsletter they appeared in--newest to oldest.

Why the Smart Grid Matters (BBHR 10/18/2009)

  • If your focus is broadband and communications technology and applications, we give you four reasons why you should know about the SmartGrid. Reason #1 is potential access to some part of $3.6 billion in funding. Learn the others in this article which explains the emerging role of the Smart Grid, why it is relevant to the broadband home, why action is underway now, and what some of its impacts will be.

Cable's Capitol Return -- Cable Show 2009

  • One speaker referred to it as "the return of the victim to the crime scene" but this year's Cable Show was a welcome visitor to the US Capitol. After years of iTV on the horizon, its presence was ubiquitous -- this time with all the advantages of common software platforms.
  • Seeing is Believing -- Video Demos of Interactive TV (BBHR 4/14/2009): Visitors to the show saw many demonstrations of interactive TV. Some were based on tru2way, the forward-looking standardized approach for new cable boxes, which is also built into new TV sets from Panasonic and soon many others. Other demos were based on EBIF, a simpler standard designed to work on most existing cable boxes.
  • We used our camcorder to capture lots of these demos, so the applications could come alive for people not attending the show. In the sections below, we'll describe these demos in terms of what they make possible for the end user. We've separated those based on tru2way--requiring deployment of tru2way headend equipment and available only on new boxes-- from those based on EBIF--designed to operate on legacy digital boxes and likely to be in many consumer homes fairly soon.
  • Broadband Nation: "Main Street America" (BBHR 4/14/2009): The Broadband Nation exhibit was a great way to show Washington bigwigs the impact cable services have upon consumers at home and at work, as well as the benefits it can bring to healthcare and education. Despite some hokey names--like the "Dr. Al Better" office--we were impressed with the impact of innovative applications like GCI ConnectMD.
  • Tru2way and EBIF Provide Interactivity (BBHR 4/14/2009): The message from the Cable Show was clear. The industry has finally rallied around and is implementing common software platforms to allow linear TV to become interactive. We provide some background on the "what, why and when" of tru2way and EBIF, while reminding readers that the ultimate vote on acceptance will come from the consumer.
  • Tru2way Demos--Seeing is Believing (BBHR 4/14/2009): The only way to convey what is happening in a tru2way interactive application is to see it. We feature tru2way video demos from Panasonic, ADB, AMDOCS, NDS, Alticast, integra5, itaas, TAG Networks and Zodiac Interactive.
  • EBIF For the Masses (BBHR 4/14/2009): Although EBIF is designed to run on even low-end digital settops, the demonstrations showed how many interesting things can be achieved with this basic functionality. These video demos show ways to give viewers more choice and control in a Starz application, the many things that can be done with ad widgets from BIAP, and how ActiveVideo builds on EBIF capability to enhance social media and e-commerce with live Internet content.
  • CableLabs Plays Central Role (BBHR 4/14/2009): CableLabs has once again assumed a central role in coordinating industry participation to establish standards, this time for tru2way and EBIF. The organization has been active in evangelizing these technologies with interactive content providers. CableLabs' latest contributions are a source code reference implementation of tru2way, and an announcement with Canoe Ventures of the Advanced Advertising 1.0 specification.

Consumer Electronics Show 2009

  • CES 2009: "Connected Electronics Show" (BBHR 3/16/2009): Connected devices are everywhere. It doesn't matter whether the device is a TV set, a mobile phone, a blood pressure meter or a bathroom scale--they all want to communicate. That means that the technologies to connect them are in demand and that consumer electronics companies are having to decide which communications interfaces they need to integrate. This year's visit to CES left us wondering if the show initials now stand for "Connected Electronics Show".
  • TV Sets Riding "The Internet Avalanche" (BBHR 3/16/2009): The days of the stand-alone TV set seem to be numbered. Everyone is coming up with ways to enhance the functionality of the television. Solutions include putting more capability directly into the TV, enhancing its value through servers in the network or adding additional boxes to the already overcrowded TV top. There are way too many solutions today, so over time we expect that consumers will vote with their wallets on which of them provide real value.
  • "Connect My Stuff": Networking Technologies (BBHR 3/16/2009): Home networking is moving quickly into the consumer electronics space. At CES we saw lots of CE devices incorporating some form of networking: MoCA,, HomePNA, UPA, HomePlug, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth were all well represented. Broadcom showed new chips with integrated MoCA, continues to gain traction, and Wi-Fi keeps expanding.
  • Connecting For Health (BBHR 3/16/2009): The graying of the population and healthcare's ever-increasing costs are two drivers of an initiative sometimes called "Connected Health". The goal is to expand healthcare so that quality care can be delivered outside of traditional medical settings. Remote care and disease management are two faces of these technology-enabled care programs.
  • Feng Shui and EcoTechnology (BBHR 3/16/2009): Trade shows are such frenetic environments that they call for at least a small dose of fun and some new perspective on how to look at what's being shown. Surprisingly, some of the humor at this year's CES came from Microsoft -- and the color of this year's new perspective was "green".

IPTV Update -- IPTV World Forum North America, and More (BBHR 9/30/2008)

  • IPTV is maturing. Worldwide subscribers have more than doubled year-on-year. New tools are being used to measure quality and help isolate problems. Interoperable standards backed by many of the leading telcos and vendors will be published this year, with interoperability testing coming next.
  • During the IPTV World Forum – North America show, we taped video interviews with four companies we found particularly interesting -- see Video Interviews at IPTV World Forum North America 2008.

Holiday Toys (BBHR 9/30/2008)

  • Pepcom's promise of margaritas and fiesta food lured us to their New York Holiday Spectacular. We saw some cool new toys for the holidays. Some--like a Skype videophone and a browser-controlled mobile webcam--were even related to broadband.

Cable Show 2008

  • This year's Cable Show celebrated its return to a revitalized New Orleans. Interactive TV was a highlight both on the show floor and in a pre-show tru2way Developers' Conference. "EBIF" and "Canoe" were frequently-heard words which MSOs are counting on to give them a bigger share of the $70 billion US TV advertising pie. We also saw a new tool in cable's arsenal of ways to multiply the effectiveness of its spectrum.
  • Time for tru2way (BBHR 7/10/2008): We spent two days looking into tru2way. It's finally really happening, but will take some time for the footprint to grow.
  • Interactive TV--Has Its Time Finally Come? (BBHR 7/10/2008): History is littered with the names of companies that tried and failed to make interactive TV a money-maker. But past failures don't mean an idea is wrong; it could just be bad timing. With the Internet setting new standards for both targeting and measurability, cable is looking to bring those same attributes to interactive advertising on the TV. And it thinks it has the right plan.
  • More Bandwidth Magic--Imagine Communications (BBHR 7/10/2008): Cable is doing with their spectrum the same thing college students used to do with telephone booths: seeing how much they can squeeze inside. In the past, we've detailed many of the methods for multiplying spectrum effectiveness, but were pleased to learn about a new one at the cable show. With a roster of people who've succeeded in the past, Imagine appears to have a clever new approach to the problem.

SCTE Cable-Tec Expo: Technology Today, Lifestyle Tomorrow (BBHR 7/10/2008)

  • At the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, we heard Comcast's COO talk about the need for status monitoring "to see problems before our customers do." We don't think we've ever heard a top cable exec use those words before.

Consumer Electronics Show 2008

  • CES 2008: "The Next Digital Decade" (BBHR 2/25/2008): At the start of the "next digital decade," the worlds of personal computers, consumer electronics, home networking, and broadband and video services all overlap in many ways. All the industry players are jockeying for position. Nobody knows how the game will play out, so each player is leveraging their strengths and introducing products they hope will keep them in the game.
  • The World After Bill (BBHR 2/25/2008): CES 2008 was Bill Gates's swan song as Chairman of Microsoft. Aside from the customary humorous film segment with its celebrity parade, his speech was focused on a future world which will be more user and media centric and in which services save the user from having to manually bridge between individual devices.
  • Cable Meets CE: Brian Roberts on Comcast 3.0 (BBHR 2/25/2008): The last few years have seen a remarkable change in the involvement of the cable industry with consumer electronics companies. 2008 was noteworthy as the first time a cable CEO delivered a CES keynote. The messages from Comcast CEO Brian Roberts focused on this convergence and what it will mean for consumers and CE manufacturers. The messages were simple: more openness and more choice.
  • Video: Who's In Control? (BBHR 2/25/2008): With the video entertainment world in flux, many industries are vying to play a role in the delivery of consumer entertainment experiences. The delivery of online video content to the TV screen can take many routes and all could be seen at this year's CES.
  • Wireless Home Control Coming of Age: Z-Wave and Zigbee (BBHR 2/25/2008): Wireless home control is the secret sauce that enables you to automatically change your thermostat setting, turn on your plant lights or water your lawn when you are thousands of miles from home. Last year we left CES without a clear vision of how the market might play out. This year, we've decided on which systems we're going to test in our own home.

TelcoTV 2007: Approaching The Tipping Point (BBHR 12/17/2007)

  • US Telco TV offerings are finally on the move. After years of trailing countries like France, Italy and Hong Kong, the telcos move into video services is reaching the tipping point. The signposts we saw at this year's TelcoTV Show are clear. The talk is turning from technology to applications, its availability is growing, and consumers are buying it.

A Deep Gulp - MoCA Technology Conference 2007 (BBHR 12/17/2007)

  • Just when we thought we couldn't bear to participate in one more conference, we yielded to the lure of MoCA. The conference provided a deep dive into the technology of the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA), and a close look at Verizon's application of it. Broadcom and Conexant have committed resources to support it. With the technology now firmly in place for service providers, is a retail move waiting in the wings?

Focus on Fiber: The 2007 Fiber to the Home Conference (BBHR 10/19/2007)

  • At the recent Fiber-to-the-Home Conference, we heard about the coming "exaflood" which will put pressure on all broadband access providers. We toured the exhibits, and presented our views on the role of home networking.

UPLC Conference: Powerline Communications In the "Lone-Star" State (BBHR 10/19/2007)

  • The focus at this year's UPLC was more on utility applications than broadband services. Utilities are facing an aging workforce, increasing energy demand and the pressure of green initiatives. Communications networks are key to addressing these problems and "home area networks" are likely to play a role for energy control and demand response. What will this mean for BPL?

Healthcare Unbound: A Progress Report (BBHR 9/16/2007)

  • We have been covering the application of broadband and wireless technologies to home healthcare for four years. Technology to address "Healthcare Unbound" keeps getting more capable and less expensive. Groups such as the Continua Health Alliance are fostering development of health care standards, system interoperability, and device connectivity. But technology is not the limiting factor in Healthcare Unbound -- business models and reimbursement are. Changing these is proving to be slow and painful.

WCA 2007: Beyond Technology (BBHR 7/29/2007)

  • WCA continues to delight us because of the quality of its intellectual content. Barry West, CTO of Sprint Nextel, shared his vision of the mobile Internet and explained why Sprint is building a WiMAX network. Clearwire's CEO Ben Wolff shared his company's progress to date. After the show, they announced an agreement to jointly deploy wireless broadband services across the U.S., with plans to reach 100 million potential subscribers by the end of 2008.

The Cable Show '07 -- Winning in Las Vegas (BBHR 6/4/2007)

  • Cable operators have competition coming from all sides. At the Las Vegas Cable Show, we learned how cable operators are dealing with the competition, and where mobile services fit into their priority queue.

Consumer Electronics Show 2007

  • As usual, we spent most of our time at CES 2007 talking with chip makers and other companies and trade associations developing the underlying hardware and software that will power tomorrow's cool toys. Sandy did cut loose to play with some of the new gizmos.
  • Certified Wireless USB -- Coming Soon To Your PC (BBHR 2/25/2007): The way you connect PCs and portable devices is about to change. While Certified Wireless USB has taken longer to get to market than its advocates predicted, it's very likely going to be the first mass-market application of ultra wideband (UWB) and will have a big impact on cable clutter. At CES, we met with many UWB companies, saw some real products based on CWUSB, and saw prototypes of more advanced products. The most impressive was a wireless docking station for notebook PCs.
  • Sandy Cuts Loose: Digital Media and Skype (BBHR 2/25/2007): This year was different. Every year we come back from CES and people ask what exciting new toys we got to play with. This time, instead of just talking about new chips and technologies, Sandy cut short the chip interviews to play with new portable media and IP voice toys. It was fun, but expensive.
  • DLNA Rolls Out (BBHR 2/25/2007): DLNA's certification logo is appearing on lots of products. A new DLNA consumer Web site explains to the curious what that logo on their new gizmo means and which products carry it. There's lots more work ahead, but "DLNA is on a roll".

TelcoTV 2006: Start of the Second Wave (BBHR 12/13/2006)

  • Over the past year, IPTV deployments have moved from pioneering telcos and vendors to mainstream players using more sophisticated components and offering services like HD. This year's TelcoTV Show included issues coming out of real deployments, maturing technologies, AT&T's U-verse deployment and new packaged solutions for smaller telcos. Although much capital and attention are being provided to TV services over managed networks, online video over the unmanaged Internet is beginning to play a complementary role.

WiMAX World 2006: "Wi-Fi On Steroids" (BBHR 11/5/2006)

  • While some speeches at the recent WiMAX World 2006 in Boston felt like a pep rally, we saw lots of signs of progress. The heightened industry interest in WiMAX was reflected in nearly doubling the attendees over last year. We saw real products and many of the major players from the telecom infrastructure world, showing that WiMAX is becoming part of the mainstream.

SmartGrid: The Road to BPL? (BBHR 10/17/2006)

  • Major mishaps for utilities may be good news for BPL vendors. With electricity demand and costs rising, and regulators under pressure for why outages aren't quickly pinpointed and fixed, the focus at BPL conferences has shifted from consumer broadband to internal utility applications. Both capabilities need the same basic infrastructure and keeping the lights on may be an easier sell to the regulators than pursuing a new business.

VON: "V" Is For Video (BBHR 10/17/2006)

  • The excitement and enthusiasm were palpable. Jeff Pulver's Video on the Net sub-conference at Boston VON had some of the same feel as the earliest Voice on the Net shows. There seemed to be wide agreement that online video is a disruptive technology, still in its earliest stages. Speakers ranged from well-known names like AOL and Yahoo! to start-ups covering all aspects of online video, including content sources, methods of publishing, syndicating, distributing, searching or aggregating it. Where it will go and what will endure remains to be seen.

Targeting The Mobile Internet: WCA 2006 (BBHR 7/26/2006)

  • The biggest news in broadband wireless came after this year's WCA: Intel and Motorola announced an investment of $900 million in Clearwire and Motorola's acquisition of Clearwire's NextNet Wireless subsidiary. The convention made clear that giant companies are putting their weight behind WiMAX and the WiMAX Forum leaders are trying to steer their way through the complex technical and political landscape. Participants agreed that in the end game there will be multiple radio technologies and on-ramps to the mobile Internet, including WiMAX, Wi-Fi and 3G.

Cable in a Disruptive World--NCTA 2006 (BBHR 5/14/2006)

  • Cable operators are confronting huge changes. Some of the most visible challenges are in their traditional video services business. MSOs are responding to the changes by striking new deals with partners and suppliers; re-thinking who their competitors are and how to compete; trying to digest which technologies that didn't matter much before are now critical and which business models will be successful. We examine some of what we saw and heard at this year's NCTA Show in the context of the bigger changes in the video industry.

CES 2006: The Road To Digital Nirvana (BBHR 1/31/2006)

  • Now that the excitement and PR machine from CES have faded, we asked ourselves what products and trends will make a difference in 2006? For us, the big focus was progress toward how users can move content around the home, interact with and control all the entertainment devices in the home and use their content with any electronic device--both inside and outside their home. It's not a done deal yet--but we're on the way.

Switching Channels at TelcoTV (BBHR 12/15/2005)

  • We came away from TelcoTV feeling that IPTV is at the tipping point. The biggest telcos are all either committed to moving forward at scale, or are close to a commitment. Their traditional vendors are playing a major role. Microsoft also aspires to play a key role, but was all but invisible at the show.

WiMAX World: Rabbits, Gorillas, and More (BBHR 11/7/2005)

  • Mobile broadband wireless will be a big deal over the next five years. The WiMAX promotion machine has done a good job in raising visibility of the needs and their view of solutions. If you listened carefully, the recent WiMAX World Conference provided a nuanced view of multiple solutions, more complementary than competitive. Away from the official announcements, we spotted some storm clouds on the horizon.

"The Dawn of Mass Market Broadband Wireless" -- WCA 2005 (BBHR 7/13/2005)

  • WCA 2005 featured progress on WiMAX and WiBro and a healthy debate on municipal wireless. Broadband wireless access is growing rapidly and vendors are pursuing several distinct courses. While fixed WiMAX is close to certified interoperability, many companies are focused on early deployment of mobile WiMAX.

Cable's Future: More Than the Triple Play (BBHR 5/23/2005)

  • TV on your mobile phone? Video greeting cards? These and more were subjects of conversation at NCTA 2005, the cable industry's annual show, where the new nirvana was services delivered to the customer wherever they are, on whatever device is with them. The show floor and session topics acknowledged that the triple play is becoming yesterday's story. Tomorrow's customers have grown up in an increasingly digital world so their expectations are very different than those of their parents.

New Jersey and Telecom: Can this Marriage Be Saved? (BBHR 5/23/2005)

  • AT&T, Verizon, Lucent and Bell Labs all call it home. The telecom industry has played an important role in New Jersey for many years, but wired telecom employment in the state dropped by half over a seven year period. A "Summit on Shaping New Jersey's Telecommunications Future" explored what new technologies are bringing to the telecom industry and grappled with what lessons can be learned from other states and countries.

Consumer Electronics Show 2005 (BBHR 1/25/2005)

Cable's Look at Emerging Technologies: SCTE-ET (BBHR 1/25/2005)

  • What technologies will be important to the cable industry during the next three to five years? That topic is tackled annually by the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers at their Emerging Technologies conference. Sandy and Dave both had the opportunity to share some thoughts--Sandy on competitive wireless access technologies and Dave on the evolution of Wi-Fi in the home.

WCA Winter Conference--An Update on Mobile WiMAX and WiBro (BBHR 1/25/2005)

  • The greatest value of a show like WCA's Winter Conference is that it gathers together all the really key players at one time and place, so you can meet with them privately and learn what's really going on. We learned a lot about Mobile WiMAX and the emerging WiBro in Korea.

WCA 2004: Broadband Wireless Gets Some Respect (BBHR 6/22/2004)

  • The broadband wireless industry is again rising from the depths. This time it may be for keeps. Attendees at the most recent WCA 2004 show included many of "the big boys" and FCC Commissioners and staff made their presence and interest widely apparent. Within a group previously focused on fixed broadband wireless, changes from earlier shows included the huge momentum around WiMAX and the promise of mobility.
  • Talks by FCC Chairman Michael Powell and wireless pioneer Craig McCaw
  • FCC Commissioners and senior FCC staff talking about expanding spectrum for wireless
  • The current status of WiMAX and other fixed and mobile wireless technologies
  • The emergence of "broadband anywhere" and "portable broadband"

Moving Forward with the "Third Wire--BPL Part 2: UTC Telecom and PLCA Conferences (BBHR 5/31/2004)

  • Telephone companies and cable operators in the US have exploited their connection into the home to provide broadband, but electric utilities have not. Over the past year, US focus has significantly increased on utility deployment of Broadband over Powerline (BPL) as a possible competitive "third wire". To get beneath the surface hype, we attended two recent conferences to understand the issues surrounding BPL. This is part 2 of a four-part article on BPL.

The 2004 National Show -- Opportunities Galore (BBHR 5/31/2004)

  • The 2004 NCTA Show demonstrated cable operators' interesting problem. Their rebuilt plants are capable of providing a multiplicity of services and the technologies that have been "coming soon" are finally ready for prime time. Now the big question is what share of resources should go to each of these opportunities? We highlight a few of the newer opportunities, including VoIP, multi-room DVRs and PacketCable Multimedia-based services like videotelephony.

"Changing the World" -- Spring VON 2004 (BBHR 4/26/2004)

  • In less than a decade, voice over IP has gone from a hobbyist toy to a threat to the future existence of incumbent telephone companies. In that light, it was fitting for Jeff Pulver to open this year's VON conference by talking about our ability to change the world. We take a look back at the signs that pointed the way to this VoIP future and examine a few of the companies that are trying to make their mark on the next stage.

The Changing Face of Entertainment -- FastNet Futures 2004 (BBHR 4/26/2004)

  • There's a constant flow of announcements about new products and services that promise to improve our ability to get the entertainment we want, when and where we want it. These include new digital media adapters, entertainment PCs, broadband movie and music services and portable flat screen TVs. With all these individual announcements, it's difficult to see the big picture of how these ingredients will come together to create the easy-to-use experiences consumers are looking for. At FastNet Futures, we pulled together some experts to explore key efforts to bring coherence to this still-emerging market.

EH Expo Revisited -- A Parallel Universe? (BBHR 3/25/2004)

  • We went to EH Expo earlier this month and were surprised at first by how little has changed in the two years since we last went to this show. While IP-based home networking dominates the planning of the PC and consumer electronics industries, most vendors and integrators at EHX still think in terms of proprietary products and single-purpose networks. The move toward openness, integration and more use of IP communications seems inevitable, and we did see a few "points of light".

Technology and Aging -- AAHSA and CAST Meetings (BBHR 3/25/2004)

  • What effect can we and our companies have on our own future well-being and that of our loved ones? AAHSA and CAST are focused on answering that question by bringing together technology companies, researchers, facility administrators and government representatives to impact how technology will be successfully used to provide services for the aging. We report on the "Future of Aging Services Conference" in Washington, where we saw lots of promising ideas, and much work yet to be done.

CES 2004: The Future Is Here (BBHR 1/22/2004)

  • At CES it's getting harder and harder to separate the PC and consumer electronics worlds and the manufacturers who participate in them. With Microsoft and Intel talking about watches, telephones, cameras and TV screens, more processing, storage and networking are appearing in increasing numbers of devices. Last year, we heard promises that PCs and home networks would soon be connected with audio and video entertainment. This year, we saw lots of products that customers can buy now, with many more coming soon. We'll need a new vocabulary to name some of these new devices.

The Western Cable Show: Nostalgia and Pride (BBHR 12/14/2003)

  • The final Western Cable Show reflected the consolidation and maturing of the cable industry. It's great that many of the services which started as a vision are now realities, but like all adults it was easy to be nostalgic about the childhood and adolescent days now past. The very successful CableNet will live on in a new setting at the National Cable Show.

Visit Us During CES -- The "Home by Design" Showhouse (BBHR 10/20/2003)

  • If you are planning to attend CES or NAHB's IBS in Las Vegas this January, please stop by and visit us. We're planning and hosting the "connected" aspects of a showhouse. Contact us if you'd like to show a broadband-related product or service.

Broadband World Forum -- It Takes More Than Bandwidth (BBHR 9/23/2003)

  • Depending on your perspective, the message you heard at Broadband World Forum might have been that "things are great in DSL-land". Then again, it might have been that service providers are struggling to come up with compelling business models to mine the value from their broadband investments. DSL-based service providers and suppliers from throughout Europe, North America, and Asia were on the program, with major representation from incumbents and a more modest presence of competitive carriers and non-DSL broadband players. We were delighted to meet many of our readers both as speakers and attendees.

The Quest for ARPU: Alcatel's "Lead With Speed" (BBHR 6/17/2003)

  • What do you learn when you bring together 125 executives from 70 telcos based in 40 countries? Alcatel's DSL customer event focused on broadband applications which will help increase the Average Revenue Per User to justify the continuing expenditures for building the underlying infrastructure, applications and support.

SCTE Cable-Tec Expo: Two Tidbits (BBHR 6/17/2003)

  • At SCTE's Cable-Tec Expo, meetings with Wave7Optics and Toshiba introduced us to some technologies that deserve a closer look.

Broadband Wireless World - The "Big Boys" Have Arrived (BBHR 5/14/2003)

  • Last month's Broadband Wireless World was a fascinating mix of WISPs serving rural America, independent telcos, vendors large and small, and mega-players like Intel and Verizon. Although there was plenty of focus on Wi-Fi and the use of unlicensed spectrum, there was also a growing focus on other standards like 802.16 and licensed frequencies, particularly by the established players.

Wireless: The Road to "Broadband Anywhere" (BBHR 4/16/2003)

  • The past thirty years have seen mobile telephony move from the first public call to having more mobile subscribers in the world than wireline phone subscribers. During a conference panel we organized called "Wireless: The Road To Broadband Anywhere", four industry leaders discussed the evolution path for providing broadband not just to homes and offices, but to people who want information, communications and entertainment wherever they may be.

VoIP Coming of Age -- Thoughts on the VON Conference (BBHR 4/16/2003)

  • We attended our first Voice on the Net (VON) conference almost six years ago. Our recent visit gave us an opportunity to see how VoIP has moved from the hobbyist market to the mainstream, with low-cost IP phones on the horizon.

CES 2003: Broadband Comes Home (BBHR 1/21/2003)

  • Everywhere we turned at CES we saw the influence of broadband, home networking and wireless. If those words immediately conjure up visions of PCs and Internet access, think again. This year they apply at least as much to audio and video entertainment and the ways in which users can get what they want, when and where they want it. Whether it's in the form of zapping HDTV pictures to flat screen displays, viewing recorded TV shows on screens in a different room, or cataloging, organizing and making all your music available around the home, companies were showing how to make it happen.

Broadband Wireless Access: Ready for Prime Time? (BBHR 1/21/2003)

  • We're seeing signs that broadband wireless access to the home is on its way to becoming a viable way to compete against (or complement) DSL and cable broadband. Technologies to send broadband data from a central point to the home, through the air, reliably and cost-effectively, seem to be emerging. We attended WCA's Technical Symposium & Business Expo in San Jose to get a better understanding of the key issues and a sense for how real an impact this technology will have.

Broadband Plus -- The New Western Show (BBHR 12/17/2002)

  • Brian Roberts - "The Opportunity of a Lifetime" - Brian Roberts isn't the type to get very excited when he describes the acquisition of AT&T as "the opportunity of a lifetime". He's much too busy getting management to work on the new merged entity and trying to correct situations he termed "the crisis" and "tragic". Despite the challenges, his thoughtful, bottom-line approach makes you feel that if anyone can make this work, he is up to the job.
  • Pizzaz is Out, Practical is In - The cable industry seems to have reached a new stage of maturity: nifty technology is nice and hot applications are sexy, but MSOs are spending their money on technologies with fairly immediate impact on their financial results. We look at three examples which focus on customer support, monitoring and managing traffic, and subscriber connectivity and management. All promise tangible impacts on the bottom line.
  • The Year of Home Networking - Many cable operators are planning to enter the home networking business, so it was no surprise that home networking was "hot" at this year's show. We talked with vendors of chips, software and products for networking and gateways, with many integrated products shown or promised.
  • Cable Telephony -- A Snapshot) - We take a high-level look at the status of North American cable telephony. Lots has happened since AT&T purchased TCI and laid out their cable telephony plans. US cable has over 2 million local voice customers. PacketCable is finally getting ready for field deployment. But Comcast makes clear we shouldn't look for large volume rollouts in 2003. And what about SIP telephony and its impact?
  • Video Telephony and Videoconferencing - While cable operators were focused on the "nuts and bolts" of rolling out VoIP, some vendors went against the tide to show video telephony and videoconferencing.
  • The End of Analog Cable? - We spoke on "All-digital Networks" in a session titled "They're Just Over the Horizon: Emerging Technologies, Friend or Foe?" Our speech talked about the emergence of all-digital networks and suggested that cable operators should start thinking about a future without analog television.

Report on Electronic House Expo -- Window Blinds, Central Vacuums and Home Networking (BBHR 4/2/2002)

  • Imagine what it's like to keep up with the latest advances in systems as diverse as home security, computer networking, central vacuums and energy management. That's the tall order being taken on by home system integrators. In our trip to EHX and follow-up visits, we saw how companies are targeting the mass market, the high end and new construction. We also got the scoop on similarities and differences between product suppliers, and got some glimpses of the future of audio and video networking.

Report on the 2002 International Builders' Show: New Homes - How "Broadband Ready" Are They? (BBHR 2/25/2002)

  • With all the new technology designed for homes, is new construction incorporating infrastructure for networking computers, entertainment etc.? And do developers want to offer broadband services? We report on the elements to make homes tech-ready and some of the companies involved.

Report on the 2002 Consumer Electronics Show - Connectivity and Convergence (BBHR 1/21/2002)

  • CES was full of consumer devices built to connect and communicate. The devices are ready for home networking and broadband. But is the technology ready for consumers? And what are consumers ready to buy? We report on what we saw and learned.

Setting a Context for Networked Appliances IWNA4 - 4th IEEE International Workshop On Networked Appliances (BBHC Presentations)

  • The bottom line of our invited talk at this IEEE event for networked appliance designers: assume homes will have broadband connections, home networks and UNnP capable control points.

Western Cable Show: The Glitz is Gone (BBHR 12/19/2001)

  • We report on our visit to the Western Cable Show, traditionally one of the North American industry's two big shows. While the glitz and attendence were way down, lots still happened at this years' show. Although the specifics are about cable, many of the technologies and vendors cut across the larger context of broadband.
  • Cable's Magic Trick: How Bandwidth Keeps Growing
  • Interactive Content: The Bandies
  • Migration to DOCSIS 1.1 -- Underpinnings for new revenue
  • Network Management -- Keeping services working for the customer

Columbia Seminar: "The Broadband Economy" (BBHR 11/14/2001)

  • We report on a day-long seminar "The Broadband Economy: The Emerging Market System in Bandwidth" at Columbia University, largely devoted to the prospects for deployment of and investment in residential broadband.

Special Report on Broadband Home Fall 2001: There's Lots To Feel Good About! (BBHR 11/5/2001)

"ITV Content E-mergency" Conference at Columbia Univ: Interactive TV in North America (BBHR 7/31/2001)

Breaking Broadband Barriers: BBH Europe Summit 2001 Wrap-up (BBHR 6/18/2001)

Residential Broadband Telephony: How and When VON Asia 2000, November 13-15, Hong Kong, China PowerPoint presentation

  • Our talk described the present state of broadband access systems and various approaches to telephony over broadband, with particular attention to cable and DSL access.

Enabling The Broadband Home VON Asia 2000, November 13-15, Hong Kong, China PowerPoint presentation

  • Our talk provided an overview of home networking and home gateways. We used pictures of the wiring in our home to illustrate the complexities which need to be overcome by the industry to make the broadband home a reality for the mass market.

Broadband Home Fall 2000 Recap: They came from A(ustralia) to Z(urich) (BBHR 10/26/2000)

Recap: Broadband Home Summit 2000 (BBHR 6/27/2000)

Silicon Parkway Summit -- California in New Jersey? (BBHR 6/1/2000)

Broadband Track Wrap-up: Spring 2000 VON (BBHR 4/9/2000)