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Updated 11/25/2009

Topical Index: Home Networking: Wireless PAN/UWB

This page provides a topical index to material on this website covering

  • various forms of wireless personal area networking (PAN) intended to provide wireless coverage within a room, including Wi-Fi, ultra wideband (UWB) and Bluetooth
  • applications of these technologies such as Certified Wireless USB
  • use of these technologies for moving voice, data, image and video files between devices and around the home

Articles are listed by date of the newsletter they appeared in—newest to oldest.

Wi-Fi Direct--A New Approach to WPAN (BBHR 10/18/2009)

  • The Wi-Fi Alliance is continuing to build on their strength in the market. Their latest announcement, called Wi-Fi Direct, allows Wi-Fi devices to talk to one another directly without the use of access points. With initial support from Apple, Intel, Marvell, Atheros and Ozmo, you can look forward to Wi-Fi Direct devices simplifying your life in the future.

Updates from the Valley (BBHR 9/30/2008)

  • We have reported on Silicon Valley from time to time. This time we briefly report on visits with Ozmo Devices, 4Home, Actiontec and TiVo. Ozmo has an innovative approach to Wi-Fi PAN.

Certified Wireless USB -- Coming Soon To Your PC (BBHR 2/25/2007)

  • The way you connect PCs and portable devices is about to change. While Certified Wireless USB has taken longer to get to market than its advocates predicted, it's very likely going to be the first mass-market application of ultra wideband (UWB) and will have a big impact on cable clutter. At CES, we met with many UWB companies, saw some real products based on CWUSB, and saw prototypes of more advanced products. The most impressive was a wireless docking station for notebook PCs.

Ultrawideband and the Unwired Home: A Guest Article by Billy Brackenridge (BBHR 12/13/2006)

  • Ultra wideband chip companies believe that UWB will play an increasingly important role over time. We invited Billy Brackenridge of Staccato Communications to share his views of where UWB is going.

Wireless Video Distribution in the Home (BBHR 12/13/2006)

  • Getting video entertainment to the home is simple compared with distributing the video signal within the home. In addition to various wired approaches, multiple wireless technologies are competing for video distribution. Both 802.11n and multiple approaches to ultra-wideband (UWB) are in the game for multi-room video distribution.

UWB Outlook -- An Interview with Staccato (BBHR 7/26/2006)

  • Staccato Communications has been a key participant in UWB development. An interview with them gave us some numbers on the expected magnitude of the market, the software stacks they expect to support, shipping timeframes, and the types of video it will and will not support.

Ultra Wideband -- Real Applications Coming Soon (BBHR 5/14/2006)

  • Ultra Wideband (UWB) is about to go big time. Certified Wireless USB, the first volume product using WiMedia UWB, will change how you think about connecting your digital camera, iPod or phone to your PC or TV. With over 2 billion legacy wired USB connections, that's one big market! The goal of WiMedia UWB is much more than unwiring your gadgets. By 2008, it aims to be the basis for all short-distance wireless communications including wireless 1394 and high speed Bluetooth.

Whole Home Networking -- The Start of the End Game (BBHR 1/31/2006)

  • Home networking is approaching a new milestone. Many emerging consumer applications require networking technologies capable of moving video around the home. Depending on whom you talk with, you'll hear very different views of the roles of wireless, powerline, coax and telephone wiring. We believe that just as the last generation sorted itself out, with Wi-Fi that generation's winner, one of these new technologies will grab a larger chunk of the market than the others -- and some may be relegated to a footnote in home networking history. We overview some scenarios and the technologies vying for the winner's circle.

Our Fifth Anniversary: Looking Back, Looking Forward (BBHR 4/3/2005)

  • How many remember HomeRF, @Home, Enron broadband backbones, or the broadband subscriber base so small that we reported annual growth rates of 75%? As we reach the fifth anniversary of publishing our Report on the Broadband Home, we look back at where we were in 2000, where we are now and some of the key directions for the next five years. The journey isn't over. Before the end of this decade, we look forward to real "whole home" networking at 100 Mbps, personal broadband and lots more.

CES 2005--Tomorrow's Cool Toys Need Today's Cool Chips (BBHR 1/25/2005)

  • Most people visit CES to look at the cool new toys. We spent much of our time talking with more than a dozen semiconductor companies--looking at chips for powerline networking, ultra wideband (UWB), the next generation of Wi-Fi based on MIMO and a "one-button" approach to wireless network security. The chips may not make you deliriously happy, but the products they power have the potential to excite consumers.

CES 2005--The Right Time for Standards (BBHR 1/25/2005)

  • Standards play a large role in the success of new technologies, and we heard a lot about new standards at CES. Some companies are bringing products to market ahead of standards, and many other companies are upset with them. This got us thinking about the proper timing for standards.

CES 2005--"Broadband on Steroids": New Wireless Networking Technologies (BBHR 1/25/2005)

  • Imagine the challenge of trying to keep two CEOs, a promoter Group Chair and a Chief at the FCC each to their allotted time slots. At CES, that was Dave's challenge in a session he organized and moderated on "Emerging Technologies". Topics included new wireless networking technologies for MANs, LANs and PANs plus some views from a long time Chief at the FCC .

UWB Moving Ahead -- Interview with Pulse~Link (BBHR 6/22/2004)

  • Ultra Wideband (UWB) is an emerging networking technology. We met with Pulse~Link and saw a demonstration of working UWB systems for networking over cable HFC, powerline and wireless.

What's Next for Wireless Networking (BBHR 11/16/2003)

  • We look into several emerging wireless networking technologies targeted at high-definition television and "whole-home" networking. While 802.11n will leverage the Wi-Fi bandwagon, several technologies based on 802.15 may get to market first--and be the winners.

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