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Updated 4/15/2007

Topical Index: Home Gateways and Servers

This page references conference presentations and articles in our reports on

  • home gateways: provide an interface between the broadband access network and the in-home network; most incorporate some form of home networking technology
  • home media servers: centralized devices to control media, aggregate storage and applications within the home

Articles are listed below ordered by date of the newsletter they appeared in--newest to oldest.

Home Gateway Initiative (BBHR 4/12/2007)

  • We recently met with Paolo Pastorino to learn about the current status of the Home Gateway Initiative (HGI). We think it's well worth watching.

Shell HomeGenie (CES 2004: The Future Is Here) (BBHR 1/22/2004)

  • At CES we saw Shell HomeGenie, a new home management system targeted to the entry level buyer, just getting acquainted with home control and looking for simplicity and affordability. It builds upon the increasing number of consumers who have broadband access, since such access is a prerequisite for the service. It promises to let "the homeowner stay connected to his home, at anytime and from anywhere Internet access is available."

Fiber To Every Home In Reykjavik: A Guest Article by Hjalmar Gislason (BBHR 12/14/2003)

  • Reykjavik Energy has ambitious plans: to connect every home in its area with a fiber connection. The results of their initial trial in 100 homes were shared last month at the Digital Reykjavik conference. In this guest article, a conference organizer says that if the rollout goes forward, Iceland will be "a living laboratory for broadband" delivered to a whole society.

Digital Dreams Meet Reality -- Creating a Simple Home Network (BBHR 10/20/2003)

  • Setting up a simple home network should not take twenty hours! When Dave volunteered to install one in his brother's new home, he had no idea how many seemingly easy things could go wrong. After reflecting on the experience, he concluded that there are some things we as an industry can do to improve this, as well as things the end user might be cautioned about.

Home-based Health Services: Telefónica’s Pilot (BBHR 9/23/2003)

  • During our June visit to Spain, Telefónica showed us their "Hogar Digital" and their trial of home-based health services in operation today with actual patients. This guest article provides an overview of the project’s goals and its conclusions to date. The application is based on an OSGi gateway in the patient's home.

SCTE Cable-Tec Expo: Two Tidbits (BBHR 6/17/2003)

  • At SCTE's Cable-Tec Expo, meetings with Wave7Optics and Toshiba introduced us to some technologies that deserve a closer look.

Broadband Plus - The Year of Home Networking (BBHR 12/17/2002)

  • Many cable operators are planning to enter the home networking business, so it was no surprise that home networking was "hot" at this year's show. We talked with Jungo about gateway software.

Residential gateways: Lots of smoke but is there fire yet? (BBHR 1/21/2002)

  • At CES 2002, we saw a lot of home gateways and home media servers. They're moving beyond technology shows and into the consumer electronics world.

A New Category Emerges: Home Media Servers (BBHR 12/19/2001)

  • A new category of consumer electronics products is emerging. Variously positioned as a personal video recorder (PVR) or digital video recorder (DVR), it's also appearing as a home audio center. In Sweden, it's appearing as a portable media recorder/player. It's growing into a home media server for all media.
  • From Blokks Comes Bokks: A Report from Sweden

Fulfilling the Vision of the Broadband Home - A Visit with Ucentric Systems (BBHR 11/14/2001)

  • We visited Ucentric Systems. One of the most ambitious companies in home networking, Ucentric sees the need for a "whole-home converged services" system: a common platform addressing all the family's networking needs for communications and entertainment. This includes the full range of services -- data, voice, audio and video -- and all of the current and future devices appropriate to those services.

How The Home Gateway Can Help Avoid Blackouts (BBHR 1/21/2001)

  • A discussion with Coactive Networks

Gatespace and OSGi: Using the Home Gateway to Provide Services (BBHR 1/2/2001)

What Comes Next - The Network or the Gateway? (in "Broadband Home Spring 2001" announcement) (BBHR 12/3/2000)

Enabling The Broadband Home VON Asia 2000, November 13-15, Hong Kong, China PowerPoint presentation

  • Our talk provided an overview of home networking and home gateways. We used pictures of the wiring in our home to illustrate the complexities which need to be overcome by the industry to make the broadband home a reality for the mass market.

User Needs and Product Solutions in The Home Gateway" VON Fall 2000, September 12-14, Atlanta, Georgia PowerPoint presentation

  • Our presentation introduced a session on home gateways with a description of the user needs and the solutions venders were planning to include in gateway products.

Home Gateways - What Are They For? (BBHR 9/10/2000)

2Wire: Big Aspirations From a Small Company (BBHR 4/9/2000)