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Our clients have included service providers, vendors and investors in the cable, telephone, home networking and computer industries. We have built long-term relationships with many of these clients as we jointly sort through opportunities and risks to reach implementable business decisions. We frame appropriate questions, provide unbiased and fact-based evaluations, point out pitfalls and help develop and implement the plan for action.

Cable Operators

In our work with a large independent cable system operator, System Dynamics assessed the opportunity for high-speed data services for business and residential markets. We selected technologies and market segments for a pilot, developed economic models for a service launch and planned the implementation. We led the process of evaluating and choosing a national Internet service provider. We assisted in the creation and implementation of the implementation plan for rollout of high-speed data services, and developed a detailed plan to coordinate the HFC rebuild and data services rollout.

For a cable system operator considering the migration to digital cable, we developed the complete business case and technical plan for digital services, including video on demand. We developed the end-to-end architecture and led the vendor selection for digital migration, including the digital headend, basic and advanced set-top boxes, and VOD.

For a cable system operator considering the introduction of telephone services, we analyzed the timing, costs and economic returns of circuit- and packet-switched telephony over cable; examined cable plant readiness and requirements for primary telephony; and explored potential alliances.

Infrastructure and Computer Suppliers

System Dynamics has advised a variety of suppliers to the broadbandhome market. These engagements have involved assistance in targeting markets and understanding their needs, segmentation and sizing; conceptualizing products and services; planning their technology and its evolution; and understanding the business implications of these technical and market decisions.

For a company developing a home networking gateway, we conducted an assessment of their product and market direction. We provided recommendations on their target market, technology, competitive positioning, and product planning roadmap.

For a company developing high speed interactive services to the TV, we assessed strengths and weaknesses of competitors, recommended steps for product evolution, created a market segmentation and recommended associated service offers, and developed value propositions for both end users and cable operator service providers. We developed recommendations regarding the positioning of interactive TV with cable modems, digital TV and VOD. We analyzed the data from a pilot test and provided recommendations for product features and pricing.

For a major networking/infrastructure supplier, we assisted in formulating the strategy for participation in broadband VoIP. We defined alternative potential roles and assisted in our client's evaluation of its skill sets, willingness to invest, partnerships, and competitive standing.

For a major inter-exchange carrier considering the potential for primary telephony over cable, we provided a detailed assessment of the leading global circuit-switched cable telephony product lines, the requirements and timing of the migration from circuit- to packet-switched infrastructure, and the suitability of cable plants for primary telephony.

For a major computer company, we analyzed market readiness of telephone companies and cable operators for deployment of high bandwidth interactive services, to assist in resource allocation decisions for top management.


For investors, System Dynamics has performed technical due diligence to evaluate current and prospective investments.

For a venture capital firm considering investments in video on demand, we evaluated the major vendors of VOD systems and services and provided recommendations for investment.

For a major investor in a venture-funded provider of new-media infrastructure, we analyzed issues causing underachievement of its business plan. We evaluated the situation and recommended reapplying the technical assets to a more near-term application.

For the same investor, we assisted in the evaluation of a prospective investment in a related venture. We evaluated the company's technology structure and planning, and rendered an appraisal to the prospective investor.