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newUpdated 2/9/2004

Dave Waks: Broadband Architect and Technology Strategist

DAVE WAKS is a broadband industry pioneer, who has been working on the technology, economics and driving applications for residential broadband since the early 1980's when he was a founder of Prodigy Services Company. After his initial efforts in which he created the network architecture for the first residential online service, he ran the earliest residential cable modem trials in the U.S. Since 1995 he has been working with his business partner and wife, Sandy Teger, to bring his technology savvy together with his passion for the products and services that leverage that technology to help his consulting clients bring innovative offerings to consumers.

As System Dynamics Inc. Sandy and Dave have consulted for cable and telephone companies, consumer services companies, home networking and product companies, investors and industry organizations. Their projects have included high-speed Internet services, cable telephony, video-on-demand and interactive services. Their services include strategic assessment, technology and marketing planning, and business case development.

Sandy and Dave have created the Broadband Home Central Web site, which they provide and update as a resource for the Broadband Home community. The site is dedicated to their belief that rapid and competitive deployment of broadband to and within the home will enable the creation of new products, services, content and applications. ‘Fat pipes’, content, and the home infrastructure must all work together seamlessly to create compelling value for consumers.

Their email newsletter Sandy and Dave’s Report on the Broadband Home is sent each month to members of the global residential broadband industry in more than 100 countries. It is read by management of key industry companies and features guest articles by industry thought leaders from all over the world.

Sandy and Dave don’t just write about the broadband lifestyle – they live it. Their home is both a testbed for new products and a comfortable and attractive home which incorporates the best of these products into their busy lifestyle. They have created a “home movie” showing some of these products in their home and describing the broadband applications that have become an essential part of their lives. Since they work from home-based offices, these include business applications as well as many entertainment and communications devices and services.

In addition to their work with the broadband industry, Sandy and Dave have been working with homebuilders and developers so that broadband will finally be recognized as the next residential utility, just like electricity and plumbing. They have spoken on this subject at the Builder’s Technology Conference and are featured in an article in the November/December 2003 issue of ARCHI-TECH magazine.

Sandy and Dave have been invited speakers at many events in the US and abroad. They spoke at Broadband World Forum in London in September 2003, Lead With Speed in Madrid in May 2003, numerous Voice on the Net conferences, and many recent broadband conferences in the US. Together they have co-authored recent articles in Communications Technology Magazine and IEEE Communications.

Dave obtained his BS degree in mathematics from Cornell University and completed studies for his MS at NYU's Courant Institute.