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Services / Experience

System Dynamics Inc. provides consulting services for companies involved in the broadband home industry. Although every client is unique, our services can be grouped into four activities:

We have undertaken client projects which focus on all of the individual activity areas shown above. Our most challenging and rewarding engagements have been those which go beyond any individual activity and address the interrelationships of all four.

For example, in an engagement with a large independent cable system operator, we helped the client make informed decisions on the complex factors involved in delivering broadband-enabled interactive services. We assessed the opportunity for high-speed data services for business and residential markets. We selected technologies and market segments for a pilot, developed economic models for a service launch and planned the implementation. We led the process of evaluating and choosing a national Internet service provider. We assisted in the creation and implementation of the implementation plan for rollout of high-speed data services, and developed a detailed plan to coordinate the HFC rebuild and data services rollout.

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Market and Opportunity Analysis
  • Evaluation and briefings on emerging markets and existing players
  • Analyzing and recommending target markets, segments and applications
  • Conceptualizing new products and services
  • Devising customer research methods and tools
  • Creating market entry strategies and plans
  • Analyzing competitors and assessing their likely impacts

Client Experience

For a large cable system operator planning the rollout of high-speed data services, we formulated the market segmentation and offerings. Specific tasks included:

  • Recommended the SOHO market as a possible initial target and directed field trial to assess specific requirements and willingness to pay
  • Created detailed plan for SOHO field trial
  • Created research plan and materials, including focus groups, market survey, pilot customer interviews and analyzed results
  • Analyzed current and likely future competitors

For a major information technology company, we assessed the highest potential opportunities in the cable industry. Developed recommendations on target market segments and applications based on model of market growth, applications adoption rates, and technology costs over time.

For a major computer company, we analyzed market readiness of telephone companies and cable operators for deployment of high-bandwidth interactive services, to assist in resource allocation decisions for top management.

Technology Planning
  • Evaluation and briefings on emerging technologies and major vendors
  • Reviewing and designing end-to-end architectures
  • Assessing new technology readiness and costs over time
  • Creating alternative technical implementations
  • Evaluating and recommending partners and alliances
  • Conducting technology audits and due diligence

Client Experience

For a large cable system operator planning the rollout of high-speed data services, we led the technical planning effort. Specific tasks included:

  • Designed end-to-end architecture
  • Assessed and recommended technologies for pilot and rollout (including cable modems, server complex, SONET ring)
  • Determined cross impacts of data services technology plans with those for hybrid fiber coax plant re-build and recommended "order of battle"
  • Worked with prospective vendors to determine suitability of their products
  • Arranged meetings with other cable operators to learn about their technology approaches, choices and vendor evaluations
  • Helped in formulating requirements for network operations center
  • Evaluated other operator's approaches to physical network management, and recommended approach based on industry "best practices"

For a venture capital firm, we conducted due diligence assessments of potential investments, and technical audits of existing investments.

For a major media company, we developed a cost-effective technical approach for large-scale entry into online services business. Performed analysis and recommended a scaleable architecture adaptable for anticipated technology advances.

For a major computer company, we analyzed the technology value chain for high-speed data over cable and the positioning of existing and potential partners and competitors. Recommended changes in partnering roles and relationships.

Business Decision Support
  • Identifying key issues and risks
  • Creating business case assumptions and models
  • Evaluating alternate scenarios, e.g., entry timing
  • Determining required competencies for success
  • Assessing impacts of make vs. buy alternatives
  • Evaluating and recommending business partners

Client Experience

For a large cable system operator planning the rollout of high-speed data services, we directed the business planning effort. Specific tasks included:

  • Created detailed models of adoption by market segment, pricing, traffic growth and bandwidth usage over time
  • Provided executive analysis of risks in the plan and recommendations for ways to reduce them
  • Developed impacts of technology plans and speed of market penetration on the business
  • Performed a "make versus buy" analysis, and developed and managed affiliation process with cable ISPs
  • Recommended traffic data collection methods for pilot users and provided data analysis
  • Evaluated impacts of "make vs. buy" decisions and recommended actions to reduce financial exposure

For a venture-funded provider of new-media infrastructure, we analyzed issues causing underachievement of business plan. Evaluated situation and recommended reapplying technical assets to a more attractive near-term application.

Implementation Planning and Oversight
  • Developing RFP requirements
  • Creating project plan timelines and dependencies
  • Evaluating vendors and assisting in their selection
  • Performing oversight of implementation

Client Experience

For a cable system operator, we organized and oversaw an initial field trial to assess technical and marketing issues. Specific tasks included:

  • Created project plan and timetable
  • Directed vendor selection and deployment for all equipment and services
  • Created process for selecting trial participants
  • Created customer agreement
  • Selected content for trial website

For a large cable system operator planning the rollout of high-speed data services, we directed the implementation planning effort. Specific tasks included:

  • Developed RFP requirements for plan elements and assessed potential vendors
  • Provided preliminary requirements for physical implementation (space, power)
  • Developed detailed plan to coordinate HFC rebuild and data services rollout
  • Created job descriptions for key personnel
  • Participated in drafting RFPs for network operations center, and evaluation of vendor proposals.