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Updated 7/28/2010

What's New

7/28/2010 We reorganised the Broadband Library section to include the full text of our columns. The main Broadband Library page has links to our columns in the online digital edition and to the full text of each column in past issues.

8/3/2008 We started blogs, and posted our first video interviews on YouTube. We created a new Videos and Blogs page to provide links to our blogs and to our videos.

6/14/2008 We reorganised the Broadband Library section to provide a separate page for each issue, with links to each issue from the first Broadband Library page.

3/9/2008 We updated the Presentations and Publications page to add a separate page for our quarterly column Two Sides to Every Story in Broadband Library.

2/27/2007 We updated the Topical Guide to create a separate page on personal area networking containing links to our articles on ultra wideband (UWB) and Certified Wireless USB.

9/9/2006 We updated the Presentations and Publications page to add our recent article "Whole Home Networking: Video Changes the Game" written for the FTTH Council newsletter.

3/4/2006 We updated the Our Broadband Condo section to describe the completion of our condo remodeling project, and the problems we encounted with audio/vidio digital interconnects.

9/13/2005 We updated the Our Broadband Condo section to describe how we are preparing our Florida vacation condo for the digital future with new wiring and electronics.

5/23/2005 We added a new section about Our Broadband Condo to the Broadband Home Labs section of this site, describing our installation of a cable modem and a PC, and setting up a VPN network between the condo and our house..

3/21/2005 We added RSS feeds for our monthly report and for the entire site.

3/10/2005 We updated the Wi-Fi pages. We added the results of our Round Three tests and summarized the results of three rounds of testing on the main page of the section.

1/20/2005 We reorganized the Wi-Fi pages of our Broadband Home Labs section and added a page on Wi-Fi Standards including the upcoming 802.11n.

6/21/2004 We reorganized some pages of our topical guide. We split the Broadband Access, Home Networking and Applications and Appliances pages—each of which was a single page—into separate pages for each sub-topic.

6/20/04 We added a plain-text summary format of our email report for readers who would like a summary version but prefer not to receive HTML email.

5/23/04 We provided space on our site for ads from Google. You'll see these ads on the right side of each page labelled "Ads by Google". Google promises that the ads will be relevant to the content of each page, and will be specific for each country. Please take a look at these ads. If you find one or more of interest to you, click on it to follow up.

4/9/2004 - We corrected a page formating problem under Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.2 on the Macintosh.

2/17/2004 - We updated the Wi-Fi Evaluation section with our new evaluation of all three flavors of Wi-Fi.

6/14/2003 - We made many changes to the Broadband Home Labs section:

  • We added an extensive Wi-Fi Evaluation section with the context, procedure, results and conclusions from our Wi-Fi tests.
  • We added a test locations page with diagrams of our house, showing all the locations where we have tested HomePlug and Wi-Fi equipment.
  • We updated the HomePlug Evaluation section to link to the test locations page.
  • We created a new version of the About Our Home page, with details on our home networking and computers.

6/10/2003 - We revised the report home page, and added pages with our publication schedule and information for guest authors.

4/14/2003 - We redesigned the entire website.

  • All main pages now appear as links in the menus to the left and right of each page, and the menus are the same on every page, making it much easier to find pages and to navigate between them. We also changed all the menu links to text (rather than graphics), which will substantially reduce the download time for readers using narrowband to access our site.
  • We updated the Site Index by Topic (formerly the "Topical Guide") and reorganized many pages to make it easier to find specific topics. We also put links to all index pages on the page menus. There's a wealth of information on our site, and the topical index makes it easy to find it. Check it out!
  • The new format can accommodate a limited number of sponsors and ads. Please rest assured that we will continue to maintain our independent editorial policy -- our integrity and judgment are our most important assets.

3/15/2003 - We updated the Communications page with details on our SIP telephony tests.

2/24/2003 - We added a Wi-Fi page with details on our tests of 802.11 wireless networking.

1/26/2003 - We revised the Web format of our newsletter.

  • The top line of the Table of Contents/Summary page now includes links to view (1) the full issue (the old format where the entire report is a single web page); (2) a "printer-friendly" version of the full issue; (3) a "printer-friendly" version of the Table of Contents/Summary page; and (4) all the pictures from the issue.
  • We reprocessed all issues starting November 14, 2001 into the new format.

1/16/2003 - We added a page stating our privacy policy.

1/7/2003 - We created a page with graphics and URLs for companies that want to link to our site.

12/17/2002 - We revised the format of the "Table of Contents" page of our newsletter, adding a summary for each article.

12/13/2002 - We rewrote "Structured Cabling for Home Broadband Distribution", updating the references and recommended procedures.

12/13/2002 - We rewrote the section on "Sorting Through the Choices" for home networking and placed it on a separate page.

11/23/2002 - We completely refreshed the Links and Resources page, dividing it into several pages and more than doubling the number of links.

11/15/2002 - We added a Demographics page with demographics on our newsletter subscribers and website visitors.

11/6/2002 - We restructured the Web format of our newsletter.

  • Each article is now a separate Web page in both regular and "printer-friendly" formats.
  • The Table of Contents is by itself on a separate page, with a link to a "printer-friendly" version of the entire report.
  • The top of each article has a link to the table of contents, another to the "printer-friendly" page for that article, and a link to send the article to a friend by email.
  • The bottom of each article has links to the table of contents and the next article.

10/24/2002 - We added a Google-powered site search, adding a "Search BBH Central" box to every page.

10/14/2002 - We started converting our report pages over to the new format. The current 10/8/02 report has been converted; we'll update the others over time.

10/9/2002 - We updated the HomePlug section with the results of our final in-home tests of the first-generation HomePlug adapters.

10/8/2002 - We continued converting the entire website over to the new format. The Topical Guide, Community and Broadband Home Labs features use the new "look and feel", and we're updating old content to the new format as fast as we can. Please let us know what you think of it - especially if you spot any problems we may have missed.

10/8/2002 - We took a step toward what will become an online forum for the Broadband Home Community. We've responded to many requests from readers for various types of information, and we think a forum will help more by amplifying our contacts and information with the wealth of knowledge our readers possess.

10/1/2002 - We added a Topical Guide section. It provides a reference to all the topics we've covered in our reports and presentations. It is organized into sections, with a page for each topic.

9/11/2002 - We activated a new Broadband Home Labs feature. As the first major section, we created a Homeplug section with details of our HomePlug test procedure and results, and the source code of the program we wrote to compare network performance.

9/1/2002 - We found and fixed the browser problem several readers reported with Netscape. We're now testing new site material with Netscape and other browsers before we activate it. We'd very much appreciate if readers who had seen these browser problems in the past could try again and let us know if we've missed anything.

8/1/2002 - We added a pop-up glossary to our on-line report. We highlight industry jargon and acronyms and provide a definition for each.

  • Key phrases and acronyms are highlighted in purple; the definition appears as soon as you point to it - there's no need to click! To see how this works, point to any word in purple.
  • Many of you are industry insiders and don't need these definitions. But many readers know more about some areas than others, and might get lost with lots of new words and acronyms.
  • We don't highlight a phrase or acronym every time it's used, but only the first time it appears on that page of the report. If a definition seems to be missing, take a look earlier on the page.
  • This is available now in the current issue and several prior ones; we'll update older issues as we find time.
  • Do you disagree with our definition in your field of expertise? Please let us know how we should have defined it.
  • Is there a word or acronym missing? Please let us know - and suggest a definition if you know it.

4/2/2002 - We substantially revised the features and format of our report on this website and in our monthly mailings to subscribers.

  • We now post the HTML version of our report to our website at the same time we send the report out to our subscribers.
  • We added a "pictures" page accompanying each HTML issue with larger versions of the pictures in the report and additional text describing each picture. You can reach this page by clicking on any picture in the HTML report or on the "Click here for pictures" icon in the report heading.
  • We also added a "printer-friendly" version of each issue. You can reach it by clicking on the "Printer-friendly version" icon in the report heading.
  • We now offer an emailed HTML summary as an alternative to the "plain-text" version of the report. If you would rather receive the HTML version please visit the Change/Unsubscribe page. Enter your email address, check "Change my preferred report format" and select "I prefer an HTML summary".

4/2/2002 - We added a "Press Room" page with links to our press releases and to articles quoting us.

12/1/2001 - We re-launched our web site under the name "Broadband Home Central".