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Updated 6/14/2008

Presentations and Publications by Sandy and Dave

We have written many invited articles and given many conference presentations on residential broadband and its applications. This page contains links so you can download and view our articles and presentations, listed below in reverse chronological order - most recent first.

Our presentations and articles from 2002 and earlier are on the Presentations Archive page.

Our quarterly "Two Sides to Every Story" columns are on the Broadband Library page. We write a regular column for Broadband Library, a quarterly publication that goes to all members of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE). Beginning in early 2007, every issue has contained our column, using opposing pages to present conflicting viewpoints on a cable/telecom industry topic.


The Video Flood

Broadband Properties Magazine
February 2008

Broadband Properties Magazine invited us to write about what we found most interesting at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show for a feature in the February 2008 issue.

Our article The Video Flood looks at "the continuing trends of video coming from more creators, delivered by more distributors, and displayed on ever-more devices."

After describing the increasing sources of video content and the rapidly-expanding universe of consumer-oriented video devices, we asked "How Will This Shake Out?" and answered "’s likely there will be many answers rather than one. People will use many different video devices, with large, medium and small screens. They will watch video both at home and away from home. On large screens, they’ll increasingly demand high-definition quality. On small screens such as mobile phones, they’ll accept lower quality for short clips."


2007 FTTH Conference & Expo

October 1-4, 2007    Orlando, FL, USA

The FTTH Conference & Expo, sponsored by the FTTH Council, focused on the content that will fill the fiber pipe, as well as the technical, business and implementation decisions that service providers, developers and municipalities are making. This year, we gave a presentation Home Networking Technologies for Today and Tomorrow.

CTAM Summit 07

July 23--25, 2007    Washington, D.C. USA

The CTAM organization is dedicated to cable telecommunications marketing. This year we were invited to run an interactive workshop on home networking as part of CTAM’s "Digital Products" track. The session focused on the options for moving media throughout the home as digital media proliferates. Our discussion included what’s changing in the home, what service providers and others are doing to respond, and the wired and wireless networks that reach across the PC, TV and mobile phone. You can view our presentation Home Networking Interactive Workshop.

Two Sides to Every Story

Broadband Library

Broadband Library is a quarterly publication that goes to all members of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE). Beginning in 2007, we have been writing a column called "Two Sides to Every Story", using opposing pages in each issue to present conflicting viewpoints on a cable/telecom industry topic. Our first three columns have disagreed about the reality of the broadband home, whether cable operators should participate in the metro Wi-Fi market, and whether networked PC video is a big threat to MSOs.

You can click to read the first part of Sandy's and Dave's most recent dialog online. To receive the full copy of each article, you'll need to join the SCTE.


FTTH Council

Whole Home Networking: Video Changes the Game
FTTH Council News, September 2006

In preparation for the upcoming FTTH Conference, the FTTH Council invited us to write an article on the state of home networking and what it means for service providers. See Whole Home Networking: Video Changes the Game in the FTTH Council September 2006 newsletter.

Financial Executives Networking Group--Telecommunications SIG

Dramatic Disruptions
Teleconference, May 18, 2006

We conducted an audio teleconference for the Telecommunications SIG of the Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG). FENG is a 24,000+ member organization of senior financial executives. Our presentation (PowerPoint Show, 750 KB) established the context

  • Everything Digital
  • Widespread Broadband Penetration

and covered the disruptions coming from changes in telecommunications

  • VoIP makes telephony free
  • Everything Goes Mobile
  • Real-time Broadcast TV is dying and advertising is forced to adapt
  • Convergence means changes which will bring about more changes


Video's High-Tech Future: TV and More

Shaping New Jersey’s Telecommunications Future
Princeton, New Jersey, USA, May 20, 2005

We were invited to participate in a Summit on “Shaping New Jersey’s Telecommunications Future” at Princeton University. One of the driving reasons for the session was the recognition that telecom, which has been a significant part of New Jersey’s workforce and economic growth, has been declining rapidly in the state. Our role was to provide an overview of advances in video technology and what those could mean from the perspective of the telecom industry and also to New Jersey's citizens.

Dave spoke on Video's High-Tech Future: TV and More (PowerPoint, 1.0 MB). The talk highlighted the transition that is taking place. "Video" no longer means just broadcast analog video on a TV at one place in the home with limited sources of content and in a regulated environment. The attributes of tomorrow’s video include interactivity, video to untethered devices like cellphones, lots of video sources including everyone as a potential creator and more.

A Mayor’s Guide to Broadband

Broadband Properties Magazine
May 2005

The May 2005 issue of Broadband Properties Magazine includes a cover feature "The Case For Municipal Broadband". We were asked to help municipal officials--increasingly faced by discussions involving myriad broadband technologies and concepts--make some sense out of the broadband landscape, suggesting what should be included in a rational discussion. We were not asked to advocate or oppose municipal broadband, but to clarify a complex topic and help municipal officials ask intelligent questions.

Our article A Mayor’s Guide to Broadband: The Six Leading Access Technologies explains some fundamental broadband concepts and terms like "symmetry" and "multiplexing". It provides a brief introduction to six different access mechanisms which can be used to provide broadband services.

A key point of the article is that there is no one "right" answer. The "best" technology alternative is determined by what unsatisfied needs your town is trying to satisfy, and the timeframe and costs which could constrain solutions. As in any complicated question, the answer always seems to be "it depends...".

SCTE Emerging Technologies 2005

Huntington Beach, California, USA, January 11-13, 2005

We spoke about new wireless technologies in two sessions at this annual conference sponsored by the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE):

Broadband on Steroids

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2005
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, January 6-9, 2005

We organized and moderated a conference session "Broadband on Steroids"--covering 802.11n (the next generation of Wi-Fi), WiMAX and Wireless USB. Click here for a summary of the session and links to the presentations.


Broadband and the Home Healthcare Ecosystem

HealthCare Unbound
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, July 9, 2004

We spoke at this new conference on the convergence of consumer & healthcare technologies. Our talk Broadband and the Home Healthcare Ecosystem (PowerPoint, 2.0 MB) surveyed the impact of broadband to and in the home, and suggested that interested parties might want to consider creating an ecosystem for home health care similar to ones successfully developed for other technologies.

Embracing Broadband as a Builder

TecHome Builder
May/June, 2004

In this magazine which guides homebuilders on what is new and important in technology, our article focused on the importance to builders of embracing broadband. We noted that the rapid growth of broadband, the increasing use of broadband for music and video content, and the rapidly-growing interconnections between PCs and consumer electronics equipment suggest that whole-house structured wiring will soon be the norm in new construction, and not reserved just for higher-end custom homes.

Translating Theory to Reality: Broadband Lessons Learned

HomeToys Home Technology EMagazine
April, 2004

HomeToys invited us to write this article about our experience with the Home by Design Showhouse. As you may have experienced in your own projects, start-up was the hardest part. Once the “plumbing” was in place, the applications we wanted to demonstrate--ranging from video entertainment to music services to showing digital photos on your big screen and much more--worked like a charm.

The Broadband Home: The Role of HomePlug

Consumer Electronics Show 2004
Las Vegas, Nevada January 11, 2004

Sandy was part of a panel at the Asoka Press Conference, where she spoke about the use of multiple solutions in meeting user’s needs for Home Networking. Sandy's talk (PowerPoint, 2.7 MB) used our own home to illustrate how we used HomePlug together with our Ethernet network to play music.


The Broadband Home: It’s Hard to Make It Easy

Broadband World Forum 2003
London, UK, September 8-11, 2003

Sandy spoke in the "Broadband Home Network Architectures: The Digital Home" session at this conference directed toward executives in carrier and supplier companies. Sandy's talk (PowerPoint, 4.0 MB) used our own home to illustrate the difficulties in bridging the many "islands" of technology in the home.

The Evolving Broadband Home – Coming Challenges for Service Providers

Lead With Speed
Madrid, Spain, May 19-21, 2003

We were guest speakers at this conference for large telecommunications carriers. Our talk (PowerPoint, 5.0 MB) covered the emerging applications for residential broadband and the challenges they pose for service providers.

Our presentation included a new version of our 11-minute "home movie" showing how we use broadband, networking and digital consumer electronics technologies in our own home.

The "home movie" is available in three formats:

Planning for the All-Digital Future--The End of Analog Television

Communications Technology
April, 2003

Fortune cookie on cover of Communications TechnologyCommunications Technology—the Official Trade Journal of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers—invited us to submit an article based on our talk at BroadbandPlus. Our article addresses the question of what could be achieved with the current cable infrastructure if MSOs rethink the way they deliver services. The magazine made it the cover story, showing a fortune cookie with the prediction "You will advance triumphantly by re-examining some long-held assumptions about network infrastructure."

Click here to view or download the article.

Broadband Wireless World 2003

San Jose, California, USA, April 9-10, 2003

We spoke twice at this industry event targeted at those who want to learn more about the growth in broadband wireless:

  • We ran an hour-long "Ask the Experts" session. Our presentation Broadband Applications Trends and Evolution (PowerPoint, 2.5 MB) discussed current and emerging broadband applications in the home. We showed our first 'home movie' about how we use broadband in our own home, and answered questions from the audience on audio and video applications.
  • We talked in a session on "Profitability for WISPs". Our presentation Making Residential Broadband Profitable -- The Challenge For WISPs (PowerPoint, 100 KB) said that unserved markets are shrinking fast as incumbent wireline providers fill in the gaps, and that WISPs will need to develop competitive strategies based on wireless advantages.

We reported on this conference in BBHR 5/14/2003.

Wireless: The Road to Broadband Anywhere

FastNet Futures 2003
San Jose, California, USA, April 1-3, 2003

We organized and moderated a session with speakers representing fixed and mobile broadband access and hotspots. We described the session in BBHR 4/16/2003.

Our opening remarks (PowerPoint, 180 KB) framed the notion of "broadband anywhere" and described two approaches toward this goal:

  • from the "inside out" by expanding the range of local area network (LAN) technologies such as Wi-Fi to reach outside the home and office to public places and streets; and
  • from the "outside in" using new metropolitan area network (MAN) technologies to reach into buildings.

The session included four speakers, two representing each approach:

  • Mac Agan, Intel's Market Development Manager for Wireless, discussed Intel's "Wireless Vision: Any Device, Any Time, Anywhere" in his talk Communications & Computing Convergence (PowerPoint, 2.8 MB).
  • Tim Pozar, a founder of the Bay Area Research Wireless Network, talked about the many goals of this large-scale "community network" in his talk Large Scale Community Networks With Licensed Exempt Radios) (PowerPoint, 6.3 MB.
  • Marc Goldburg, CTO of ArrayComm, examined the economics and technologies of wireless broadband and discussed why neither Wi-Fi nor 3G could meet the goals of speed, area and price in his talk Broadband Anywhere...What's Missing? (Acrobat, 1.8 MB).
  • Thierry Maupile, VP of Business Development at IPWireless, addressed how broadband wireless has moved from fixed to portable to early generations of mobile data in his talk IPWireless Overview (PowerPoint, 1.6 MB).

Presentation and articles from 2002 and earlier are on the Presentations Archive page.