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Updated 6/22/2004

Press Room

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TecHome Builder

May/June, 2004

Embracing Broadband as a Builder
by Sandy Teger and David J. Waks

In this magazine which guides homebuilders on what is new and important in technology, our article focused on the importance to builders of embracing broadband. We noted that the rapid growth of broadband, the increasing use of broadband for music and video content, and the rapidly-growing interconnections between PCs and consumer electronics equipment suggest that whole-house structured wiring will soon be the norm in new construction, and not reserved just for higher-end custom homes.

HomeToys Home Technology EMagazine

April, 2004

Translating Theory to Reality: Broadband Lessons Learned
by Sandy Teger and David J. Waks

HomeToys invited us to write this article about our experience with the Home by Design Showhouse. As you may have experienced in your own projects, start-up was the hardest part. Once the “plumbing” was in place, the applications we wanted to demonstrate--ranging from video entertainment to music services to showing digital photos on your big screen and much more--worked like a charm.

PC Magazine

April 20, 2004

2004 Top 100 Sites You Didn't Know You Couldn't Live Without

In this article, PC Magazine lists Broadband Home Central in the "Internet, Wireless and Security" category and comments on its "up-to-the-minute reporting on all things related to the broadband abode."

The "Top 100" article starts: "What is a top Web site? It's a site you rely on—-one you just have to tell your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors about. It is surprisingly useful, funny, informative, addictive. It does something cool you've never seen before."

Computer Outlook

February 9, 2004
Computer Outlook Talk Radio
Radio Host John Iasiuolo

In a radio interview, Sandy and Dave talked with host John Iasiuolo about how the new broadband technologies can make life better in your home.

January, 2004
Connected by Design Tour at the Home by Design Showhouse
Broadband Architects, Sandy Teger and David J. Waks

In the Connected by Design Tour we matched available and increasingly affordable broadband products and services with Sarah Susanka's wonderful design, demonstrating that technologies can enable families to live more enjoyable, convenient and productive lives. The following is a selection of press coverage.
Connected Home Media
February, 2004
In The Home By Design Technology - An interview with Sandy Teger and Dave Waks Paul Thurrott says "One thing I really like about the Home by Design Showhouse is that it's based on affordable technologies, and doesn't require a bucket-load of money or an installer." Sandy's response: “That's an important message about this house. There's some sexy stuff, but it's focused on real people and real life. You want to be able to move photos around and listen to music when and where you want it. These things enhance your lifestyle. It's not about your refrigerator talking to the toaster.”
Jan. 11, 2004
In A Futuristic House Leaves The Jetsons Behind Fred Kaplan writes “techno-mavens Sandy Teger and David Waks” have created “a prototype of the house we might all live in someday, a house that hums entirely on broadband.”
December 2003
In Digital Dreams Without Nightmare Budgets Craig Savage writes “Broadband is clearly the next residential utility. A variety of home networking technologies are becoming widely available and affordable, from structured wiring to many "no new wires" solutions. Mix into the equation the increasing number of innovative consumer electronics and computer based devices that are in the market. A variety of new network-based services can supply streaming media or interactive games or whatever your particular interest or need may be.”.


November/December, 2003
The Broadband Home-Industry Watchers
by Christina Nelson

In this article, Chris Nelson describes our efforts "to help builders devise master plans for housing developments and help them figure out what form of broadband to use, what applications are needed for now - and, importantly, later - and what equipment to select to enable the home." She quotes us as saying "One problem is that at present there are two worlds in parallel - analog and digital. Much of the home still runs on analog, such as cable TV, radio, audio, and phones. But we're in the midst of a revolution and by the end of the decade the home will probably be mostly digital, so the industry needs to work to that end. At the same time, there will always be analog - it will not disappear - so we need a bunch of inexpensive devices to form the bridges."

Communications Technology

April, 2003
Planning for the All-Digital Future--The End of Analog Television
by Sandy Teger and David J. Waks

We were invited to submit an article based on our talk at BroadbandPlus. The magazine -- the Official Trade Journal of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers -- made it the cover story, showing a fortune cookie with the prediction "You will advance triumphantly by re-examining some long-held assumptions about network infrastructure." Our article addresses the question of what could be achieved with the current cable infrastructure if MSOs rethink the way they deliver services.
Click here to read or download the article.

On-line WebEx Multimedia Interview

October 18, 2002
Home Technology: Media Moms and Digital Dads

We discussed digital media in the broadband home with Phil Leigh of Raymond James & Associates. Click here to hear our discussion with Phil and view our slide presentation "Home Technology: Media Moms and Digital Dads". You can also view our slides without the audio track (PowerPoint, 8 Mb) and see our ""home movie" about how we use broadband in our own home.

IEEE Communications Magazine

April, 2002
End-User Perspectives on Home Networking
by Sandy Teger and David J. Waks

In this invited article, we "discuss the evolving situation in the home, user needs for networking, and the growing set of problems faced by users. The article describes major home networking approaches and raises some of the questions to be considered in designing home networks for the future."
Click here to read the article (requires Adobe Acrobat reader)
Financial Times

March 19, 2002
FT Telecoms - Broadband access:
Ethernet - triple play brings success in greenfield sites

by Rod Newing

An interview, sharing our vision of Ethernet’s role in broadband access, and our thoughts on the “bandwidth budget” for tomorrow’s broadband home.
Click here to read more.

Fortune Magazine

October 29, 2001
The Good News Of My Addiction
By Stewart Alsop

When speaking at our October Broadband Home conference, Stewart was asked why he wanted to invest in broadband. He says the reason is that broadband users become addicted -- and companies like selling to people who can’t live without their product.
Click here to read more.

San Jose Mercury News

October 6, 2000
Networked home put on display
By Jennifer Files

“For the real world view, turn to Sandy Teger and Dave Waks, the husband and wife consulting team who hosted this week’s Broadband Home conference in Burlingame. Instead of a video, they showed slides of their own networked home."
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Press Releases

June 21, 2004 Broadband Home Report Scores PC Magazine “Top 100”
Free Broadband Newsletter Celebrates 50th “Must Read” Issue

PC Magazine’s “2004 100 Top Websites You Didn't Know You Couldn't Live Without” tells you the secret – it’s Sandy and Dave’s Report on the Broadband Home. For the past 50 months, veteran industry experts Sandy Teger and Dave Waks have provided an eye-opening view of “all things related to the broadband abode” in their monthly email newsletter. This Morris Plains, NJ team sifts through the barrage of information, removes the hype and highlights key trends and players.
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January, 2004
Connected by Design Tour at the Home by Design Showhouse
Broadband Architects, Sandy Teger and David J. Waks

In the Connected by Design Tour we matched available and increasingly affordable broadband products and services with Sarah Susanka's wonderful design, demonstrating that technologies can enable families to live more enjoyable, convenient and productive lives. The following is a selection of press releases associated with the showhouse:
Sponsor Press Release
Connected by Design Tour -- Affordable Technologies for Work and Play says the “Connected by Design Tour offers a “how-to” for connecting products and services so they deliver what they promise, while “future-proofing” so that tomorrow’s best technologies can be easily incorporated. Escorted by husband & wife team Dave Waks and Sandy Teger, well-known broadband experts and founders of Broadband Home Central, tour visitors will learn how broadband technologies can help transform a house into a connected home, easily and practically.”
Press releases from supporting vendors
Asoka USA demonstrated HomePlug powerline networking solutions.
Corning provided the fiber to the home (FTTH) connection.
Movielink provided its online movie rental service for broadband users.
Nevada Power demonstrated monitoring the home for peak power usage and providing the consumer an option to lower their power bills by reducing peak consumption.
SMC Networks provided the home’s Wi-Fi wireless network, including their new entertainment networking products.
Wave7 Optics provided the fiber electronics to provide the connections between the fiber and the systems at each end.

July 11, 2002 Technologies Promise Bandwidth Boost
Analysts Explore Cable Choices for Bandwidth Multiplication

We called attention to our recent article describing the emerging arsenal of technologies that promise to help cable operators stay ahead of the curve without massive new investments. The article covered new and emerging technologies from BigBand Networks, Narad Networks, Pulse~LINK, Rainmaker Technologies, Terayon, and Xtend Networks. "You can never be too rich or too thin or have too much bandwidth" says Teger, "and at least now there are ways to help with the bandwidth!"
Click here to read more.

April 4, 2002 Broadband Report Readership Tops 100 Countries
Free Monthly Newsletter Unravels Links Between Connections, Content and "Plumbing"

We announced that readers from more than 100 countries - from Algeria to Vietnam - have subscribed to our newsletter, and described the global scope of the broadband home ecosystem. We also mentioned that electronic “plumbing” is becoming an important part of new homes and is being added to existing homes.
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September 24, 2001 Fall Broadband Home Speakers Heed President's Message
Conference organizers say broadband "promises to be a key to economic recovery"

Our Broadband Home Fall 2001 conference was held shortly after September 11. We announced that the conference would be held as planned following the President asking Americans for their "continued participation and confidence in the American economy". We said broadband would be important to economic recovery since "... the direction and movement toward the broadband future seem inevitable. As the digital revolution completes its transformation during the next decade, analog telephony, radio and television will fade away and broadband will become the primary medium for communications, entertainment and education."
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September 10, 2001 Home Broadband Keeps Growing Despite Tech Doom and Gloom
Broadband Home Fall 2001 to challenge prevailing wisdom

In the aftermath of the telecom bubble, we observed that recent articles "lament that US residential broadband penetration is 'only' about 10% -- but don’t mention that this is nearly a hundred-fold increase since early 1998, that about 100,000 new subscribers are added every week and that churn is negligible - nobody gives up broadband once they have it." Also see Stewart Alsop's article referenced above.
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