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Home-based Health Services: Author Biographies

Note: This page is part of the Home-based Health Services article in the September 23, 2003 issue of our report.

Ana Altadill Arregui

She received the Electronic Physics degree from the University of Cantabria in 1987. The same year she obtained a grant on research from the Spanish government. In 1998 she joined Telefónica R+D as part of the Broadband Switching Division where she worked in several national and European projects.

From 1998 to 2000 she worked as project manager in various projects belonging to the Innovation Program of Telefónica related to home networking and Residential Gateway.

Currently, she is a consultant in the Home Digital services division and is the project leader of the project.

Víctor Manuel García Muñoz

He received the Telecommunication Engineering degree in 1997 from the Basque Country University. During the same year, he joined Telefónica I+D in the ATM Networks division, where he participated in the European Project ACTS MULTICUBE about efficient multipoint to multipoint broadband switched network services for distributed multimedia applications.

In 1998 he joined the Mobile Communications area of the company where he was working in several projects about GSM communications. He was also involved in the area of residential/home networking since 1998, participating in several projects belonging to the Innovation Programme of Telefónica related to home networking and residential gateways.

Currently, he belongs to the Residential Systems area of Telefonica I+D where he is in charge of coordinating the technical issues of the project.

Miriam Ibáñez Lequerica

Graduated at the Technical University of Madrid in Telecommunication Engineering in 1999.

From 1998 to 1999 worked in IBM in a division related to LAN and intranets. In 1999, she joined Telefónica I+D and has been working since then in projects related to Home Networking. She has also taken part in ICTS&Eurescom projects such as HINE, AlwaysOn or AlbatrOss.

Currently, she belongs to the Residential Systems area of Telefonica I+D in the project.

Jesús-Felipe Lobo Poyo

Technical Telecommunication Engineering (1991), Master Degree in Telecommunications Engineering (1998) and Master in Telecomunication Business Management (2001).

He has more than twelve years of experience in the telecommunication sector (software development, hardware designing and implementation, network architectures assessment). In the last years he has worked in content protocols and technologies, validating the use of them in a telecom operator network. He has participated in several European-wide projects related with different issuess covering the whole content distribution value chain. Some of them are the following:

  • Eurescom projects (P709, P901, P918, P1014) dealing with Extended Investment Analysis of Telecommunication Operator Strategies; Planning, Integration and Testing of backbone and metropolitan networks
  • IST projects like DAVID, ATRIUM, WINMAN, etc. (Data and Voice Integration in DWDM networks, Networking and Management)

Currently he works as Technology Strategy Senior Consultant in Telefónica I+D.

Jose María Montero Cebrián

Telecommunication Engineer, Polytechnic university of Madrid (1999). He is studying to obtain a doctorate degree in communication system in the same university.

In 1998, he entered in Telefónica I+D to work in the multimedia applications and videoconference systems fields. In 2000, he acted as technical coordinator in the set up of a worldwide content delivery network for Terra Networks.

In 2001, he began to work in the residential systems department and in the project, devoted to entertainment, multimedia and home-based applications.

Ana María Ruiz Blanco

Bachelor of Computer science (1999), Master in Mobile Communications, Vodafone-UPM (2002)

She began her professional activity in 1998 working for the computer department of Coviran (Granada), in 1999 she worked in the Systems Department of Dinsa (Granada) installing and maintaining a network Banking site.

In 2000 she worked for Indra developing software based on Java web technology. Since 2001 she works for Alten Spain as Software Engineer at Telefónica I+D, developing the home health care system inside the project