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The January 21, 2002 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Table of Contents For This Issue

Heard on the Net

News about People and Companies influencing The Broadband Home

Report on the 2002 Consumer Electronics Show: Connectivity and Convergence

CES was full of consumer devices built to connect and communicate. The devices are ready for home networking and broadband. But is the technology ready for consumers? And what are consumers ready to buy? Here's our view.

  • Digital cameras, PCs, MP3 players and more. Devices create the pull for networking
  • Digital packaged media exerting a huge influence: I want "my music"
  • Broadband TO the home intimately tied to the CE story (even in the 1950s)
  • Power of the PC and Microsoft in the home: Mira, Freestyle, UPnP and more
  • Homes will have many displays with use tied to size and location: PDA, PC, TV
  • Functions of home gateways and servers becoming clearer -- vendor answers to unknowns depend on their heritage
  • Home networking choices still generating confusion -- Wi-Fi today's winner but where does powerline fit?
  • As customer choices grow, so does confusion -- DIY for techies and broadband plumbers for everyone else?
  • The home -- and its gadgets -- are extending into the car

Broadband Home Labs -- ReplayTV 4000

DVR meets broadband in this device that's attracted both awards and lawsuits. How did ReplayTV 4000 stack up in our broadband home? The 4000 improves on first generation DVR features and promises lots more. It's real, its nifty and its works great, but we can't help but think about all the future potential.

Networked Appliances Workshop

The bottom line of our invited talk at this IEEE event for networked appliance designers: assume homes will have broadband connections, home networks and UNnP capable control points.We also liked Steve Ungar's talk on VHN for "tying together other home LANs".

Events On Our Calendar

Upcoming conferences we're scheduled to speak at or cover as press.

Broadband Gurus

We provide consulting services for the Broadband Home community. For more information, please visit .