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The October 8, 2002 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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News about People and Companies influencing The Broadband Home

IntelligentCities 2002: The Rise of Community Broadband

New trends start small. Before going to IntelligentCities 2002, we thought municipal broadband networks were just a fringe phenomenon. Two days at the conference convinced us that this scattered happening is gaining momentum. We concluded that one shouldn't underestimate the power of unserved and dissatisfied customers.

"Intel Inside" Means Music and Media Too

Intel has announced a new initiative to connect their existing audio and video equipment to PC-based MP3s and photos. They're providing a reference design based on UPnP and Linux, and are aiming to get these technologies embedded in consumer electronics equipment.

Video Networking - An Interview with ViXS Systems

ViXS Systems, a Canadian start-up, has announced a "video networking processor" chip designed to transmit digital video over home LANs. We think XCode is worth watching because it promises to enable true broadcast-quality video over the next generation of home networking.

HomePlug Powerline Networking - Some Surprises

Last month we reported on our extensive in-home tests of HomePlug equipment. We've now completed our testing with two additional USB devices and were surprised to find that they performed noticably better than the units in our first series of tests.

Your Voice -- Readers' Comments

Electrical power in other countries.

Compelling Broadband Applications -- More From Our Readers

We continue hearing readers thoughts about their compelling broadband applications. Here are a couple of the new responses. Remember, it's not too late to share things you do with broadband that you just wouldn't do without it.

Website Changes -- Topical Guide and More

We continue making changes to the Broadband Home Central web site and have just activated a Topical Guide and the beginnings of our Broadband Home Community forum. Check them out at .