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The January 21, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Editors Note: Are "hotspots" and "videoconferencing" forbidden words?

If your company uses a mail blocker or spam detector and you want to continue reading this report, please tell your mail administrator that you wish to receive mail from Sandy Teger and Dave Waks []. We try very hard to send our report only to those who have opted in.

We're increasingly seeing corporate spam filters rejecting our email report. We then have to go through a variety of time-consuming procedures and sometimes just give up. If we eliminate all the words that are causing our emails to be blocked, we're not sure what would be left.

One spam blocker blocked our last report because it contained:

  • "deploying an innovative wireless technology that just might eliminate the need for hotspots - or for wired high-speed service at home." (it didn't like 'hot' and 'at home')
  • "Brian Roberts - "The Opportunity of a Lifetime" (it didn't like 'lifetime')
  • "Next generation video conferencing" (it didn't like 'videoconferencing')

This is too silly for us to be making it up! Your help is appreciated.