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The January 21, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Moving Technology Into Real Homes

Next Gen home --> Click for larger pictureWe took time out from the CES show floor to visit the NextGen Demonstation Home -- a newly-constructed house especially built in the Stardust Hotel parking lot for visitors during CES and the International Builder's Show. At the house we spoke with Paul Barnett, president and co-founder of iShow, which originated the project. The goal for the 3,000-square-foot home was to build in the connectivity for broadband communications and entertainment, and also to showcase new technologies to save builders time and labor. We are delighted to see more people focusing on how technology can be translated into practical consumer applications. ( )

Best Buy and Pulte Homes just announced an agreement to provide Best Buy's Networked Home Solutions in four Pulte Homes communities in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. We believe that including home networking in model and show homes is an important step toward consumer acceptance of the new technology. Best Buy created Networked Home Solutions because they understood that many new homebuyers are interested in home networking, but lack the knowledge or resources to incorporate the technology into their home. They offer two types of packages: A "Lifestyle Series" which targets specific entertainment enthusiasts (available packages include Music Lover, Movie Buff, Computer Whiz and Ultimate Entertainment Enthusiast) and the "Foundation Series" packages that allow consumers flexibility to create a solution specific to their needs. ( ) ( )