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The March 17, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Table of Contents For This Issue

A Personal Note to Our Readers

At this time of danger and turmoil in the world, we send our special thoughts to all of you as we pray for peace.

Heard on the Net

News about People and Companies influencing The Broadband Home

Clearwire in Jacksonville: A Wireless Case Study in Progess

The words "broadband" and "wireless" are appearing together with increasing frequency. In the US and many other places, DSL and cable remain the major paths for delivering broadband services to consumers. Clearwire's launch in Jacksonville, Florida provides an opportunity to see what happens when broadband wireless is introduced in a city where both cable and DSL services have been available for some time to many of the residents. We visited to see how they are doing.

A Wireless Trial: BellSouth in Daytona

Competitive carriers are not the only ones using broadband wireless. BellSouth is trialing broadband wireless for "DSL extension" in Daytona Florida. We interviewed the trial director.

Fastweb's Success: Innovation Plus Results

We visited FastWeb in Milan two years ago and concluded they were leading the way into the future of converged services. We followed up to understand their new offerings and the impact on results. FastWeb has exceeded its financial and market targets while continuing to introduce innovative services including VOD, video communications and networked PVR.

A Different Approach to DSL - An Interview with Celite Systems

We interviewed Celite Systems, whose approach to broadband over phone lines combines traditional DSL and cable approaches. The company says their technology allows faster and less costly broadband deployment for facilities-based telcos.

Exploiting Existing Paths for Broadband's Last Mile

Dr. Jey Jeyapalan says that sanitary sewers, storm drains, waterlines, and natural gas lines represent an existing and currently unused path which could be used to overcome the last-mile bottleneck.

Broadband Home Labs - More on IP Telephony

We report on our continuing tests of SIP-based IP telephony using VoIP phones from snom and Windows Messenger. We invite our readers to participate in our tests.

HomePlug in Europe

We followed up on a reader's question and report that several HomePlug devices are certified for use in Europe.

Your Voice -- Readers' Comments

We don't pat ourselves on the back very often, but do want to acknowledge how much we appreciate some of the nice words we get from our readers. We received calls on our SIP phones and several readers wrote to share their VoIP experience.

Events on our Calendar

We're speaking at a couple of conferences in San Jose in April. Please look us up.

Website Changes

We made two changes to the Broadband Home Labs section of our website.