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The March 17, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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HomePlug in Europe

After our reports on HomePlug last year, a UK reader wrote to ask whether it would be approved for use in Europe. He said "Iím led to believe that HomePLUG is unlikely to succeed in Europe as it doesnít meet some of the stringent regulations that we have over here."

We followed up with several of the companies, and can report that several HomePlug products have been certified to work in Europe and more are in process.

Kevin Chen of ST&T writes that "ST&T's M51 and U21, U22 have got the CE EN55022 approval. M53 will get the CE approval next week. U23 is still testing."

We talked with Brad Warnock of Phonex Broadband. He said that the QX-201 NeverWire 14 was designed to operate in Europe as well as North America, and has been certified to comply with appropriate EU directives and standards. See for details.

See our description of these products on our website at .

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