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The April 16, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Your Voice -- Readers' Comments

Hyperlinks in the Plain-Text Newsletter

Danny Briere wrote: "When you reference web sites in your newsletter, precede them with http:// as most email programs look for that to turn then into hyperlinks. Makes it easier to use your info you embed into the newsletter."

If you receive the plain-text version of this newsletter, you'll see that we've taken Danny's advice. Please let us know how you like it.

More on Vonage

Josh Auerbach wrote: "You can add me to the list of cable-modem users who have had mediocre experiences with Vonage. I'm about to cancel my Vonage line, after about two months. Although I consider my cable broadband connection to be superb (Road Runner, in NYC), the Vonage voice quality just isn't good enough for me to keep it.

"Both my fiance and I find ourselves choosing 'the good phone' (POTS) instead of the Vonage line for any calls that matter -- the calls to friends and family far away. Since those personal calls are the ones on which we'd benefit from the no-marginal-cost aspect of Vonage, keeping it just doesn't make sense. I'd rather pay a few cents a minute to be sure I can hear the emotion in a caller's voice, not just the words."