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The April 16, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Website Changes

We made three major changes to our website:

  • We redesigned the entire site. All main pages now appear as links in the menus to the left and right of each page, and the menus are the same on every page, making it much easier to find pages and to navigate between them. We also changed all the menu links to text, which will substantially reduce the download time for readers using narrowband to access our site.
  • We updated the "Site Index by Topic" (formerly the "Topical Guide") and reorganized many pages to make it easier to find specific topics. We also put links to all index pages on the page menus. There's a wealth of information on our site, and the topical index makes it easy to find it. Check it out: .
  • We revised the page layout to accommodate a limited number of sponsors and ads. We have had requests from a number of companies to advertise on our site and have decided to permit a small number of relevant companies to do so. Please rest assured that we will continue to maintain our independent editorial policy -- our integrity and judgment are our most important assets. For sponsorship opportunities see .