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The May 14, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Table of Contents For This Issue

Heard on the Net

News about People and Companies influencing The Broadband Home

Energy Management - "Broadband Without Internet": A Guest Article by Mark Francisco

Mark Francisco of Comcast writes about Comcast's ongoing trial of energy management services in collaboration with the electrical utility. This is an example of a “Broadband without Internet” application which requires a persistent broadband connection but does not require high speed or other features associated with the Internet.

Broadband Wireless World - The "Big Boys" Have Arrived

Last month's Broadband Wireless World was a fascinating mix of WISPs serving rural America, independent telcos, vendors large and small, and mega-players like Intel and Verizon. Although there was plenty of focus on Wi-Fi and the use of unlicensed spectrum, there was also a growing focus on other standards like 802.16 and licensed frequencies, particularly by the established players.

Broadcom - Today the Laptop, Tomorrow the TV?

Chip companies have the unenviable task of forecasting the future, so their silicon can be ready for not-yet-designed products and services. One way we get a view of the future is to see where companies like Broadcom are putting their resources, and speaking with their leaders to understand why. Broadcom is placing resources behind wireless networking because they believe it will be embedded into many consumer products based on systems-on-a-chip. They want to be ready with all the pieces to create those systems.

Wi-Fi Press: Sense or Nonsense?

We've heard so much hype about Wi-Fi that we thought we'd try to provide a dose of reality. We do believe that broadband wireless has a great future -- but it's not all Wi-Fi in spite of what you read in the press.

Broadband Home Labs - Our First "Smart Display"

We're testing a ViewSonic airPanel V110 - one of the new wireless networking devices based on Microsoft's "Windows-powered Smart Display" technology. Here are our initial--and favorable--impressions.

Lifestyle Notes from the "Always-On" World

With all the discussion about broadband's increasing speeds and applications, it's easy to take for granted the life-style changes that an always-on service makes. We talk about some of these in our home, and how hard it is to describe to people who aren't experiencing it.

Disruptive Technology in Action

We've written a lot about how IP communications would be a "disruptive technology" to incumbent telephone companies. Now we're seeing the impact in falling prices for traditional voice services, and increased competition for high-speed Internet.

Your Voice -- Readers' Comments

One reader said his venture capital company is looking for "broadband deals with a homeland security focus"; another pointed to a more positive analysis of using PLC for broadband access.