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The June 17, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Broadband Home Labs - More on "Smart Displays"

In last month's issue, we wrote our initial impressions of the ViewSonic airPanel V110 - one of the new wireless networking devices based on Microsoft's "Windows-powered Smart Display" technology. The V110 has a 10" LCD screen with a resolution of 800x600 and works through our Wi-Fi network as to extend the screens of Windows XP Pro PCs.

At Cable-Tec Expo (see above) we met with Ramzi Ammari of Universal Electronics and learned about their Nevo for Smart Displays product, which turns a Smart Display into a universal remote control for consumer electronics devices. After some discussion, Ramzi agreed to let us play with Nevo, which is scheduled for release in July.

V150 15" smart display --> Click for larger pictureUniversal has just shipped us a second Smart Display with Nevo installed. This is the larger version of the ViewSonic airPanel, a V150 with a 15" touchscreen and 1024x768 resolution. We're now testing both units and the Nevo software and will provide a full report next month.

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