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The October 20, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Table of Contents For This Issue

Heard on the Net

News about People and Companies influencing The Broadband Home

Fiber to the Premises - Gaining Momentum

Although we didn't make it to the FTTH Conference held earlier this month, we heard about the growing enthusiasm for fiber to the premises coming out of the conference. Telephone companies all over the world are starting to deploy deep fiber, and three of the four US RBOCs are collaborating on FTTP specifications and product evaluation. To gain a better understanding of these issues, we interviewed the leading fiber provider, an FTTP system provider, and a municipal utility committed to rolling out FTTH.

Digital Dreams Meet Reality -- Creating a Simple Home Network

Setting up a simple home network should not take twenty hours! When Dave volunteered to install one in his brother's new home, he had no idea how many seemingly easy things could go wrong. After reflecting on the experience, he concluded that there are some things we as an industry can do to improve this, as well as things the end user might be cautioned about.

Visit Us During CES -- The "Home by Design" Showhouse

If you are planning to attend CES, please stop by and visit us. We're planning and hosting the "connected" aspects of a showhouse. Contact us if you'd like to show a broadband-related product or service.

Intel's Digital Home: Corporate Initiatives That Work

Intel's proactive approach to growing the market for their chips is once again in high gear. Even as their Wi-Fi blitz is going full stream ahead, their technology and corporate planning folks are laying the groundwork for the huge market that exists within consumer homes for linking together PCs, home entertainment and more. We interviewed the experts on their Digital Home Initiative and their membership in the Digital Home Working Group to learn what we can expect next.

Broadband Central -- More on Wi-Fi for Wireless Broadband Access

We're big fans of finding ways to bring broadband to unserved communities. Broadband Central's goal is to do just that. While we are bullish about the future of broadband wireless, to date we have not seen systems based on Wi-Fi that meet the requirements for creating expandable, reliable wide-area broadband services. Our recent interview with Broadband Central didn't provide the facts to convince us that they have overcome the technical and business hurdles that concern us.

Broadband Home Labs -- Smart Display re-visited

Like other new digital devices, you have to use a Smart Display for a while to learn where it fits. Only when our ViewSonic V110 stopped working did we realize it had become part of our lifestyle.

Your Voice -- Readers' Comments

One European reader explained why Bluetooth has done so much better in Europe than in the US. Another pointed us to new ETSI broadband wired network standards.