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The November 16, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Table of Contents For This Issue

Heard on the Net

News about People and Companies influencing The Broadband Home

Spain Plugs Into Broadband: A Guest Article by Antonio Gomez

Spanish electric utilities, together with the telecommunications operators in which they are stockholders, have started rolling out services based on Power Line Communications, to provide a serious alternative for broadband. The regulatory commission granted licenses to Spain's three main electric companies to offer voice and data services over their grids, and determined the companies must offer service to at least 40% of their customers prior to October, 2005. Our guest author sees PLC's role as both a competitively-priced broadband alternative and as a new driver in the digitalization of the country.

Connected by Design -- Doing Broadband Right

Did you ever wish you could start something over from scratch? We're doing the next best thing, by being able to choose from the newest broadband products, services and infrastructure available today and integrate them into a beautiful house designed by a leading lifestyle writer and architect. The result is "Connected by Design", a showhouse that will be in Las Vegas during CES and the International Builders Show this January.

"Share Your Broadband" -- An Interview with MyZones WiFi Broadband

MyZones, a UK company offering services based on networked authentication of home Wi-Fi networks, has announced a bundled deal with Bulldog, an alternative DSL provider, encouraging users to share their broadband connections and costs with their flatmates, friends and neighbors. We talked with MyZones' CEO and understood the appeal of this service.

What's Next for Wireless Networking

We look into several emerging wireless networking technologies targeted at high-definition television and "whole-home" networking. While 802.11n will leverage the Wi-Fi bandwagon, several technologies based on 802.15 may get to market first--and be the winners.

"Whole Home" Networking over Coax -- An Interview with Entropic

As another facet of the "whole home networking" story, we interviewed two officers of Entropic Communications, a start-up developing a home-networking system operating over existing coaxial cable. It will complement wireless networking to form a complete solution.

Your Voice -- Reader Stories on Home Networking Realities

Last month's article on Dave's experience installing a simple network in his brother's house triggered a lot of email from our readers confirming that we aren't the only supposed experts who have run into trouble with home networking.