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The March 25, 2004 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

AAHSA and CAST Meetings
Dave with Eric Dishman and Jean Wright (AAHSA board member) We met with Eric Dishman of Intel, CAST chair and Jean Wright who is an AAHSA member and also represents the views of seniors to the group.
Honeywell ILSA demonstration on Capitol Hill At the CAST Technology Demo on Capitol Hill, Liana Kiff of Honeywell demonstrates ILSA, the Independent LifeStyle Assistant™ monitoring system, intended to make the home a more intelligent and supportive environment for the aging (courtesy CAST)
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EH Expo - Orlando, March 2004
EHX show floor Show floor at EH Expo
Sandy holding Creative Zen Portable Media Center The Creative Zen Portable Media Center plays audio, video and photos while traveling
Dave with Intel Entertainment PC Dave with Intel Entertainment PC in D&H Distributing booth
Photos ©2004 System Dynamics Inc.

Converting CDs With Get Digital
CDs that were processed by Get Digital Stacks of CDs which were processed by Get Digital and returned so we could put them back in their cases.
A page from our Get Digital catalog Get Digital provides a printed catalog showing our entire CD collection - this is one page
Photos ©2004 System Dynamics Inc.