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The April 26, 2004 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

HomePlug Adapters
ST&T U21 Powerline USB Bridge, based on Intellon chipset ST&T xNetworks Powerline USB Bridge U21, based on Intellon chipset
ST&T U22 USB Wall Adaptor, based on Cogency chipset ST&T xNetworks iPower Point Powerline Network USB Wall Adaptor U22, based on Cogency chipset
Photos ©2004 System Dynamics Inc.

Spring VON 2004
Henry Sinnreich, holding a BroadVoice T-shirt while Grandstream's Bill Zhang gives thumbs up Henry Sinnreich, the "father of SIP" holds a T-shirt from BroadVoice, while Bill Zhang of Grandstream gives the thumbs up for the death of old style telephony
Shockey, Sinnreich, Zhang & Jennings at Grandstream booth. All are involved in changing telephony. Richard Shockey of ENUM fame, Henry Sinnreich of MCI, Bill Zhang of Grandstream & Cullen Jennings of Cisco gather at the Grandstream booth. They are united by their efforts to change the world of telephony.
Grandstream HandyTone 486 Grandstream's newest analog telephone adaptor (ATA), the HandyTone 486 provides a bridge between the old world of analog telephony and the new world of IP-based digital telephony
Roar Hagen, CTO of Global IP Sound, with a Wi-Fi connected PDA, using their software Roar Hagen, CTO of Global IP Sound, demonstrating a Wi-Fi connected PDA, using their software. We had the opportunity to try it for ourselves.
Picture of devices based on Microsoft WinCE 5.0 based VoIP Aat the Microsoft booth, the display inclluded this picture of devices based on Microsoft WinCE 5.0 based VoIP.
Photos ©2004 System Dynamics Inc.

2Wire MediaPortal
Brian Sugar, VP Marketing, 2Wire Brian Sugar, VP Marketing at 2Wire holds a HomePortal unit while describing the media types that will be accessible thru their Media Portal.
Photos ©2004 System Dynamics Inc.