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The December 20, 2004 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Summing Up 2004

Year end is a good time to look back on what has happened and forward to what is coming.

2004 saw many of the trends and directions we have been covering moving toward the mainstream. A quick list includes:

  • Consumer broadband: projected to have more than 150 million residential subscribers worldwide by year end
  • Voice over broadband: VoIP offers are proliferating around the world, challenging traditional voice services
  • Converged networks: the increasing reality of voice, data and video services all moving over the same IP network
  • Home networking: consumers starting to take multimedia PCs as a given, and that home networking is nothing exceptional
  • Digital media: the increasing quantity and variety of media that are available in digital form, including music, photos, and the beginnings of streaming video

During 2005 we look forward to:

  • Mobile broadband: the early adoption of portable and mobile broadband, so that users on the road can get the same broadband services they now receive at home
  • The quadruple play: the new benchmark for service providers will be to add wireless mobility to today's voice, data and video services
  • "Whole home" networking; home networking capable of speeds approaching the 100 Mbps mark and capable of carrying the full array of voice, video and data services without compromise
  • Everything on demand: the increasing availability of on-demand content from service providers and from digital media stored in consumer's homes

And then there's our wish list for what we'd like 2005 to bring. Topping that list is ease of use: perhaps wishful thinking, for it often seems to be ignored, but we keep believing that one day we'll get it.

We look forward to continuing to hear from many of you with your comments and suggestions for coverage.

Finally, we hope 2005 will be a year of good things for each of you--health, joy and a more peaceful world!