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The January 24, 2005 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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A Wi-Fi Update From St. Cloud

Last month we described the current Wi-Fi deployment in St. Cloud, Florida. Our expectation was that the next likely step was for the city council to vote in March on expanding Wi-Fi coverage city-wide. The council moved the vote forward and on January 14th unanimously approved proceeding with development of the final business and operational plan for the expansion of the Cyber Spot to cover the entire city.

Cyber Spot sign in St. Cloud --> Click for larger pictureWe are told that the St. Cloud Cyber Spot, which has been up and running since July 1, 2004, has been a huge hit with the citizens of St. Cloud. The Cyber Spot initially covered the historic downtown plus the East Lake Tohopekaliga waterfront park (about 20 square blocks). Next month the Cyber Spot will be expanded over the entire Stevens Plantation development, adding an additional square mile of coverage.

The city has contracted with HP and Marketing Resources Incorporated, who anticipate the final business and operational plans to be complete by March, allowing for expansion of the system over the entire city (13 square miles) by Summer 2005. In addition to providing free public high-speed Internet access to every citizen in St. Cloud, the Cyber Spot will provide all city departments, including Police and Fire, with enhanced capabilities in the field.

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