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The September 13, 2005 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

Fiber At The Door
Verizon installing fiber in front of our house Verizon installing fiber for FIOS service right in front of our house -- September 2005
Photos ©2005 System Dynamics Inc.

Minerva Networks
Mauro Bonomi, CEO of Minerva Mauro Bonomi, CEO of Minerva, advocated his company's open system design for IPTV.
Minerva's VC8000 video concentrator Minerva's VideoConcentrator 8000 handles multi-channel video encoding, transcoding and transrating for IP video streams
Photos courtesy Minerva Networks.

Wiring Our Condo for the Digital Future
Computer boxes piled on the bed during construction Computer boxes (and more) piled on the bed in the master bedroom during construction
Open walls in our condo The contractor for our condo remodeling opened up the walls so we can see if the plans will work.
Our plan for the kitchen outlets Our plan for the kitchen outlets includes Category 5e UTP for telephone and data, RG6 for video, and a spare Cat5e
Russound A-KP2 A-BUS keypad module Russound's A-KP2 A-BUS keypad module includes a stereo amplifier, digital volume conrtrol, and an infrared receiver (from Russound website)
Photos ©2005 System Dynamics Inc. except as otherwise credited