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The July 26, 2006 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Table of Contents For This Issue

Heard on the Net

News about People and Companies influencing The Broadband Home

Briefly Noted: Updates, Observations and Trends

Each month, we collect miscellaneous happenings, studies, trends or observations you might have missed. This month's briefs look on the lighter side at technology with attitude and messages from your washing machine.

Targeting The Mobile Internet: WCA 2006

The biggest news in broadband wireless came after this year's WCA: Intel and Motorola announced an investment of $900 million in Clearwire and Motorola's acquisition of Clearwire's NextNet Wireless subsidiary. The convention made clear that giant companies are putting their weight behind WiMAX and the WiMAX Forum leaders are trying to steer their way through the complex technical and political landscape. Participants agreed that in the end game there will be multiple radio technologies and on-ramps to the mobile Internet, including WiMAX, Wi-Fi and 3G.

Media Networking 4 -- Intel, Microsoft and the "Networked Video PC"

The "networked video PC" will play a central role in television viewing. The new Vista/Viiv PCs will act as high-definition PVRs and will be able to distribute streaming and recorded video to any screen in the house using the new networking technologies.

Media Networking 5 -- Entertainment Video On the Networked PC

In another aspect of the networked video PC, we discuss how consumers will be able to get the full array of high-definition entertainment video into the PC.

UWB Outlook -- An Interview with Staccato

Staccato Communications has been a key participant in UWB development. An interview with them gave us some numbers on the expected magnitude of the market, the software stacks they expect to support, shipping timeframes, and the types of video it will and will not support.

More Ways To Confuse The Consumer

There is a delicate balance between continuous innovation and customer confusion. In home networking, we have been in a period of relative stability, at least with respect to Wi-Fi and powerline networking. We're now entering the next big dislocation as Wi-Fi wends its way painfully toward 802.11n. And in powerline, the pressure to support HD video networking has created two paths with some implications which may be unclear to consumers.

Upcoming Conferences

In September, The Partners Telemedicine Third Annual Symposium will bring together thought leaders from healthcare and technology to discuss "Connected Health Empowering Care through Communications Technologies". In October, the Fiber-to-the-Home Council will hold its fifth annual conference "Innovations in Fiber to the Home: What's Next?".

Wishing For Peace In The Middle East

Our thoughts go out to our friends in the Middle East during this time of violence. We wish for your safety and for a lasting peace in the region.