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The September 9, 2006 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

Networked Digital TV
NDTV Block Diagram This diagram shows how the functionality of a digital TV and a DMA is integrated in a networked digital TV (NDTV). Click here to see a larger version of the diagram.

"Wildblue Country"
Brad Greenwald, WildBlue Vice President of Sales and Marketing We met with Brad Greenwald, WildBlue Vice President of Sales and Marketing, on a Friday afternoon, so we could hear about Wildblue in the abstract before we drove to Black Forest to see how it works in real life.
Mike with WildBlue antenna Later that day, our son Mike posed with the WildBlue antenna on the side of his house
Crystal standing on stump of tree sacrificed for Wildblue Our daughter-in-law Crystal stands on the stump of the tree that was sacrificed to get "satellite-speed Internet".
Photos ©2006 System Dynamics Inc.

Two Approaches To Mobile Video
Hervé Utheza at Orb Netwroks Hervé Utheza is Vice President and Executive Producer, TV Properties, Orb Networks
Ben Feinman of MobiTV Benjamin Feinman is Director, Product Management at MobiTV
Photos ©2006 System Dynamics Inc.

Ruckus 2825 connections Ruckus 2825 MediaFlex Router showing rear connections (Courtesy Ruckus website)
Ruckus MediaFlex Adapter Ruckus MediaFlex Adapter with IPTV set-top box and TV (Courtesy Ruckus website)
Selina Lo, Ruckus Wireless CEO, with MediaFlex and MetroFlex devices Selina Lo, CEO of Ruckus Wireless, with their MediaFlex router and MetroFlex wireless access gateway.
Ruckus MetroFlex antennas Ruckus MetroFlex antennas are configured differently from those on the MediaFlex products. (Courtesy Ruckus website)
Photos ©2006 System Dynamics Inc.