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The December 13, 2006 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Table of Contents For This Issue

Holiday Wishes

We wish all our readers a wonderful holiday season and offer our prayers for a peaceful year in 2007.

Heard on the Net

News about People and Companies influencing The Broadband Home

Briefly Noted: Updates, Observations and Trends

Each month, we collect miscellaneous happenings, studies, trends or observations you might have missed. This month's briefs include the correlation between broadband usage and a decline in TV viewing, and the impact smartphones are having on US mobile email growth.

TelcoTV 2006: Start of the Second Wave

Over the past year, IPTV deployments have moved from pioneering telcos and vendors to mainstream players using more sophisticated components and offering services like HD. This year's TelcoTV Show included issues coming out of real deployments, maturing technologies, AT&T's U-verse deployment and new packaged solutions for smaller telcos. Although much capital and attention are being provided to TV services over managed networks, online video over the unmanaged Internet is beginning to play a complementary role.

Ultrawideband and the Unwired Home: A Guest Article by Billy Brackenridge

Ultra wideband chip companies believe that UWB will play an increasingly important role over time. We invited Billy Brackenridge of Staccato Communications to share his views of where UWB is going.

Wireless Video Distribution in the Home

Getting video entertainment to the home is simple compared with distributing the video signal within the home. In addition to various wired approaches, multiple wireless technologies are competing for video distribution. Both 802.11n and multiple approaches to ultra-wideband (UWB) are in the game for multi-room video distribution.

2006 Trend Spotting

We took the opportunity to pause and think about how effectively we spotted some of the trends over the past twelve months. We report on how the key areas we identified after last year's CES have fared over the year.

Your Voice -- Readers Comments

One reader wrote to comment on last month's guest article about traveling in Europe.

Upcoming Conferences

We're already anticipating CES in Las Vegas early in the new year. We hope to see some of you there.