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The February 25, 2007 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Table of Contents For This Issue

Heard on the Net

News about People and Companies influencing The Broadband Home

Briefly Noted: Updates, Observations and Trends

Each month, we collect miscellaneous happenings, studies, trends or observations you might have missed. This month's briefs focus on developments in IPTV, fiber, and the end of analog, in countries around the globe.

Certified Wireless USB -- Coming Soon To Your PC

The way you connect PCs and portable devices is about to change. While Certified Wireless USB has taken longer to get to market than its advocates predicted, it's very likely going to be the first mass-market application of ultra wideband (UWB) and will have a big impact on cable clutter. At CES, we met with many UWB companies, saw some real products based on CWUSB, and saw prototypes of more advanced products. The most impressive was a wireless docking station for notebook PCs.

Sandy Cuts Loose: Digital Media and Skype

This year was different. Every year we come back from CES and people ask what exciting new toys we got to play with. This time, instead of just talking about new chips and technologies, Sandy cut short the chip interviews to play with new portable media and IP voice toys. It was fun, but expensive.

DLNA Rolls Out

DLNA's certification logo is appearing on lots of products. A new DLNA consumer Web site explains to the curious what that logo on their new gizmo means and which products carry it. There's lots more work ahead, but "DLNA is on a roll".

SVP -- Protecting Content End-to-End

DLNA has added link protection guidelines, but content owners require more in order to allow their premium digital content to be transferred between devices. SVP is a hardware mechanism to protect digital content end-to-end.

Joost and Babelgum: "Revolutionizing Television"

What will TV look like in the future? If people like Niklas Zennstrom, Janus Friis and Silvio Scaglia have their way, we know some of its components: P2P streaming, TV-like, choice and control, personal, social, easy to use. Their first attempts to make this real are services like Joost and Babelgum. Whether they can realize these goals, and be compelling for consumers and financially viable for investors, remains to be seen.

Update on Digital Deck

Solving all the problems of media networking is hard. One media networking company we wrote about enthusiastically has pulled back from direct marketing, deciding to focus their efforts on developing and then licensing their intellectual property through well known consumer brands.

Upcoming Conferences

Last September we attended the fall VON conference and its new companion, Video on the Net. We observed that the Video on the Net event had some of the same excitement and enthusiasm as the earliest Voice on the Net shows. Although we can't make it to spring VON in San Jose, we'll be eager to hear the feedback from this second VON gathering looking at online video.