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The February 25, 2007 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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DLNA Rolls Out

DLNA logo --> Click for larger pictureWe've been writing about DLNA (the Digital Living Network Alliance) and its predecessor (the Digital Home Working Group) since 2003. But when Sandy recently bought a new Sony VAIO laptop labeled "dlna certified", the work of the group suddenly seemed much more tangible.

Pat Griffis and Scott Smyers --> Click for larger pictureDuring CES in January, we met with Scott Smyers of Sony Electronics and Pat Griffis of Microsoft--Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively of the DLNA Board of Directors--to hear more about DLNA progress and what to expect next. Scott and Pat showed us some neat demos of DLNA in action, including using a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet as the wireless remote control for video playing on a PC and displayed on a flat-screen TV.

In January, the big news from DLNA was the expanded networked device interoperability guidelines. These now contain link protection guidelines to protect content streams on the DLNA network, a prerequisite to the flow of commercial content between DLNA devices.

From DLNA consumer website --> Click for larger pictureDLNA recently launched its consumer Web site to explain its goals, tell what it means to carry the DLNA certified logo, and provide a place to search for DLNA certified products. This quarter the organization is working toward version 1.5 of its certification suite.

DLNA began with 17 companies and now has 220 member companies headquartered in 23 countries. With quarterly plugfests worldwide, the organization has continued to work, step by step, toward the goal of a seamless digital media ecosystem, where all devices work together. As one of our industry contacts said: "DLNA is on a roll."

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