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The April 12, 2007 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

Pivot logo for quad play service Pivot has been chosen as the brand name for the quadruple play services offered by the joint venture between Sprint and four cable MSOs.

"Draft 802.11n"
Intel Next-Gen Wireless-N Mini Card for notebook PCs The Intel Next-Gen Wireless-N 4965AGN is being built into new notebook PCs. It supports IEEE 802.11/abg and draft n. Code-named Kedron, it fits in the new PCIe Mini Card slot. [courtesy Intel website]
"Connect with Centrino" badge Intel's "Connect with Centrino" badge [courtesy Intel website]

Powerline Networking--War of the Standards
Asoka PlugLink power strip At CES, Asoka showed a PlugLink power strip combining a surge-protected power strip and a HomePlug Ethernet adapter
HomePlug AV for HD Video At CES, Intellon demonstrated high-definition video streaming running over a HomePlug AV network
Linksys PLK200 Linksys PLK200 PowerLine AV Ethernet Adapter Kit includes two HomePlug AV adapters based on Intellon AV chips [courtesy Linksys website]
Netgear HDX101 Netgear HDX101 Powerline Ethernet Adapter is based on DS2 chips [courtesy Netgear website]
Panasonic HD-PLC Ethernet Adaptor Panasonic BL-PA100KTA HD-PLC Ethernet Adaptor Starter Pack has two adaptors based on Panasonic's HD-PLC chips [courtesy Panasonic]
HomePlug Certification Marks HomePlug has created a new certification mark for its products [courtesy HomePlug website]
UPA "plug tested" badge The UPA "plug tested" badge shows that a device conforms with UPA's "Digital Home Standard" (DHS) specification and has passed the UPA interoperability tests. [Courtesy UPA]
Photos ©2007 System Dynamics Inc. (except as otherwise credited)

Home Gateway Initiative
HGI connectivity diagram Figure 6 from HGI Release 1 shows network connectivity between the Access Network on the left and the Home Network on the right. Some--but not all--of the flows go through the Home Gateway. [courtesy HGI website]