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The February 25, 2008 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

CES 2008: "The Next Digital Decade"
CES 2008 Logo CES 2008 Logo
Press lined up for Gates talk Whilte the press stood (or sat) on line waiting for Gates's talk, they kept their PCs and mobile phones busy.
Bill Gates's opening speech Bill Gates's opening speech focused on "The Next Digital Decade:
Comcast   is fourth largest US phone service provider Comcast's enhanced cordless phone from vtech, illustrating Comcast's position as fourth largest US phone service provider [courtesy of Comcast]
TV before and after tru2way Before tru2way you needed a settop box with an additioanl remote to watch cable programs. Afterwards you need no new boxes--only your TV with the remote you've always used [courtesy of Comcast]
Panasonic AnyPlay P-DVR Panasonic's AnyPlay is a portable DVR with 60 GB of storage, an 8.5 inch folding LCD display screen, and integrated stereo speakers. It also includes a DVD player and full cable set top box functionality. [courtesy Panasonic]
D-Link DPG-1200 D-Link's MediaLounge DPG-1200 PC-on-TV Media Player puts the PC display on a large-screen TV [courtesy D-Link]
vudu set top box vudu's set top box brings video entertainment to the living room TV [courtesy vudu]
4HomeMedia offers digital media content access 4HomeMedia offers digital media content access without the need for a PC
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CES 2008: Wireless Home Control Coming of Age
Z-Wave Alliance logo The Z-Wave Alliance brings together all the members of the ecosystem supporting Z-Wave technology [courtesy Z-Wave Alliance]
4HomeMedia provides Web services for CE products 4HomeMedia security camera view (left) and diagram of home layout (right)
zControl expands the home network to include most devices ActionTec's zControl expands the home network to include most devices, including Z-wave enabled lights, thermostats, windows, motion detectors and more [courtesy of Actiontec]
Zigbee Alliance Logo Zigbee Alliance Logo [courtesy Zigbee Alliance]
Photos ©2008 System Dynamics Inc.