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The March 16, 2009 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Feng Shui and EcoTechnology

CES is such a frenetic environment that Sandy always needs a few things to make her smile, plus something that helps see the show from a different perspective.


Server Feng Shui from Microsoft --> Click for larger pictureMicrosoft posted a series of humorous ads for their home servers in the outdoor area in front of the Central hall, near the bus loading zones. When I googled "Microsoft server feng shui"--one of the ads that got my attention--I found a page that included "recommended readings". One was "Server Feng Shui--Embark on the file Path to Enlightenment" and another was titled "Mommy Why Is There a Server in the House?--Helping Your Child Understand the Stay-at-Home Server". Check it out to see I couldn't possibly be making this up.

Kooky USB drives --> Click for larger pictureA look at EMTEC's Kooky USB 2.0 flash drives proved that we are seriously out of the loop because we didn't know about Kooky products. We learned from the Kooky Website and then from our more savvy friends with young children that Kooky Klickers are a collection of colorful pens with unique faces and crazy hair. Each has its own name and is a member of a Krew--kind of like a little family. Kids use them to write with, and also collect and trade with their friends.

Green is Good

Asus Bamboo --> Click for larger pictureOne of the growing trends at this year's show was ecofriendly products. The Asus Bamboo series computers clearly fit in this category. They have a "sustainable bamboo exterior" and "intelligent power allocation". Asus was also promoting their "Intelligent Auto-Adjusted Power Savings with ASUS Green Network Technology".

Motorola was on the green bandwagon with their "100% recyclable W233 Renew mobile phone housing," made from plastics that contain recycled water bottles. "Through an alliance with, Motorola offsets the amount of energy required to manufacture, distribute and operate the phone."

THOMSON was showing its TG870, a femtocell integrated 3G IP Gateway which will allow operators to deliver multimedia services to the home network over any 3G handset. It boasts an eco-friendly design that halves power consumption. It is also a residential gateway that offers ADSL connectivity, VoIP, 4 Ethernet ports and an 802.11b/g wireless LAN interface.

Nextar, a company that "strives to be Bold & New" announced their solar-powered Bluetooth headset and hands-free cell phone kits for cars. The solar chargers recharge while a vehicle is driven.

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