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The April 14, 2009 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Cable's Capitol Return -- Cable Show 2009

After 38 years since the last National Cable Show in Washington, D.C., and after eight contentious years with Kevin Martin at the FCC (including four as Chairman), cable returned as a welcomed visitor to the US Capitol. With the start of a new US administration, cable put its best foot forward.

More than 400 elected officials and staffers visited The Broadband Nation exhibit, toured the show floor, and participated in and attended public policy luncheons.

Seeing is Believing -- Video Demos of Interactive TV

Visitors to the show saw many demonstrations of interactive TV. Some were based on tru2way, the forward-looking standardized approach for new cable boxes, which is also built into new TV sets from Panasonic and soon many others. Other demos were based on EBIF, a simpler standard designed to work on most existing cable boxes.

We felt that long text descriptions couldn't adequately convey what various vendors were demonstrating at the show. Instead, we used our camcorder to capture lots of these demos, so the applications could come alive for people not attending the show.

In the sections below, we'll describe these demos in terms of what they make possible for the end user. We've separated those based on tru2way--requiring deployment of tru2way headend equipment and available only on new boxes-- from those based on EBIF--designed to operate on legacy digital boxes and likely to be in many consumer homes fairly soon.

These applications can facilitate a variety of interactions, including:

  • changing the user interface and/or allowing the user to change their own services;
  • allowing users to respond to ads, request information or take some other action;
  • integrating content from the Internet into TV applications;
  • integrating other users and/or multiple types of devices into the TV experience.

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