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The April 14, 2009 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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CableLabs Plays Central Role

CableNet area at Cable Show --> Click for larger pictureCableLabs has played a central role in coordinating industry participation to establish standards for tru2way and EBIF, and in evangelizing these technologies with interactive content providers. CableLabs' CableNet 2009 area at the show had a strong focus on interactivity, and many of the interactive applications discussed above were shown both at vendor booths and at CableNet.

During the show, CableLabs announced that it plans to release a source code reference implementation of its tru2way specifications and a compliance test plan. CableLabs said it views this as "a key milestone in the cable industry's deployment of a common software platform by giving device manufacturers and application providers a single, compliant software stack for building tru2way enabled products and services."

The reference implementation will be available later this year under both a free open source license and a commercial license. CableLabs will also make the reference implementation available for use on a PC, so that device manufacturers and application developers can design and test new features and services on the tru2way platform without having to connect to a cable plant.

In another interactive TV related announcement just before the show, CableLabs and Canoe Ventures LLC (the cable industry's joint venture for national advertising) issued a new draft reference architecture specification called Advanced Advertising 1.0. The Advanced Advertising spec allows MSOs to offer advertising with consistent technologies, metrics and interfaces across a national footprint.

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