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Links and Resources

These pages provide resources and links for the broadband home industry, which is composed of many business sectors:

In addition to these pages, our website contains many other resources:

  • The Topical Guide provides a quick reference to the topics we've covered in our reports and presentations.
  • We have given many presentations at Broadband Home (BBH) and other conferences.
  • The Broadband Home Labs section describes what itís like to use these technologies at home.

We created a "home movie" to show how we use broadband, networking and digital consumer electronics technologies in our own home. The 8-minute movie is available in two versions:

We welcome feedback from our readers. Click to send us your comments, corrections and suggestions.

Broadband Appliances, Applications and Content

Standards and Technology

Three CableLabs initiatives are developing cable industry specifications for networked broadband appliances:

  • PacketCable is "interoperable interface specifications for delivering advanced, real-time multimedia services over two-way cable plant." While the initial application will be IP telephony, the specifications cover a much broader class of applications.
  • CableHome is "the interface specifications necessary to extend high-quality cable-based services to network devices within the home."
  • OpenCable is hardware and software specifications for interactive services over cable.

Industry Associations

The Broadband Content Delivery Forum (BCD Forum) is a trade association "that addresses both the technology and business issues affecting the end-to-end delivery of broadband content and services to consumers and businesses."

Home Gateways and Servers

Standards and Technology

The Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) is defining "open specifications for the delivery of managed broadband services to networks in homes, cars and other environments."

Enabling Technologies - Hardware and Software

Standards and Technology

The Universal Plug and Play Forum (UPnP) "is an industry initiative designed to enable simple and robust connectivity among stand-alone devices and PCs from many different vendors."