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Links and Resources: Residential Broadband Access

Broadband access comes in many forms. On a global basis, the most common is Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) which comes in several flavors including ADSL and VDSL. Cable modems are in first place in North America but second globally. "Fiber to the home" (FTTH), wireless, powerline and satellite are also available in some places.

In addition to these links, Broadband Access to the Home in our Topical Guide provides references to our conference presentations and articles in our reports.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL, ADSL, VDSL)

Standards and Technology

Recommendation G.992.1 (07/99) is the global standard for "full-rate" ADSL, also known as G.dmt.

Recommendation G.992.2 (07/99) is the global standard for "splitterless" ADSL, also known as G.lite.

Working Group T1E1.4: Digital Subscriber Line Transmission "develops standards and technical reports for systems and associated interfaces, for high-speed bi-directional digital transport via metallic facilities."

DSL Standards Update is a tutorial on DSL technologies, with a focus on North America.

Industry Associations

DSL Forum, the major DSL industry group, promotes broadband access over copper telephone lines and encourages the market growth of DSL. also sponsored by the DSL Forum, provides this site for end-user information. You can find out whether DSL is offered in your area.

Other Resources has information about DSL services and products. You can find out whether DSL is offered in your area (United States only) and measure your Internet speed. has news and analyis of DSL technologies from TeleChoice.

Cable Modem

Standards and Technology

CableLabs, the cable industry R&D organization, sponsors the development of industry-wide specifications for cable modems, IP telephony, and interoperable TV set-top boxes.

Cable Modem/DOCSIS is the official site for the CableLabs® Certified™ Cable Modem project. This contains all the specifications for DOCSIS cable modems, including DOCSIS 1.0, DOCSIS 1.1 and DOCSIS 2.0.

ITU-T Study Group 9 establishes global standards for "integrated broadband cable networks and television".

Industry Associations

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association is the national trade association for the North American cable industry and sponsors The National Show, one of the two main events in the industry.

The California Cable & Telecommunications Association sponsors Broadband Plus, also known as the Western Show, the other main event.

Go2Broadband is a "service locator form" to identify cable services available at an address.

Other Resources

Cable Datacom News provides excerpts from Kinetic Strategies monthly newsletter, and information about cable modems, cable telephony and wireless broadband.

CATV Cyberlab provides The Broadband Bob Report on high-speed data over cable and Cable Carrier News on cable telephony. gives cable modem and xDSL links and information.


Standards and Technology

Broadband Fixed Wireless Access (BFWA) Standards provides references to IEEE and ETSI standards for fixed wireless.

Industry Associations

Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA) is an "international organization that represents all elements of wireless communication".

Wireless Communications Association International (WCA) is a "non-profit trade association representing the wireless broadband industry."

Broadband Wireless Association is a UK-based trade association.

Other Resources

Broadband Wireless Exchange Magazine provides a wide variety of information on braodband wireless service deployments in the US.

Fiber to the Home

Industry Associations

The Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council's mission is to "educate, promote, and accelerate FTTH."

Power Line

Other Resources

Powerline World is "a global online community facilitating the development and deployment of Powerline communication products and services."